Notes from all over

by GDA


Sometimes I have to worry about the future of this country and even the world. The way we change our laws, how we get rid of laws, let people out of prisons because they cost too much, allow illegals to come into our country and give them more rights than U.S. citizens. It makes me wonder.
I was watching a movie on TV on the Ten Commandments. Way back when I was in school, they used to show movies like that during the noon hour. Nowadays we would have groups like the ACLU, a group who had a good start and good intentions, but is now mainly a left- wing promoter, suing and stopping that.
I saw another movie dealing with the use of methamphetamine in schools and how it grows. If we actually realized the problem with meth use, the people of this country would rise up.
Of course, we have a state repre-sentative who wants to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, and don't be surprised if this state does that, as have others. The argument is that using marijuana isn't addictive or doesn't hurt anyone. The fact is, the real drug addicts have most likely gotten their start on marijuana. Yes, those in favor of legal-ized marijuana will bring up the use of alcohol. Well, I am not for drunkenness, either, but I am not going to argue about every kind of addiction.
I do sometimes wonder if some of our legislators are using marijuana or other drugs. The problem with our Legislature is they are too bipartisan and too big. Just think, we have 201 elected senators or representatives. I estimate the cost to the people of Minnesota for those 201 so-called representatives of the people has to be $200,000 or more per person. That comes to at least $40 million bucks. Then we have their staff and perks and the cost could be over $100 million. For all that money, these part-time legislators, and they are part-time, usually can't get their work done. Then they go into special session and pick up more money. Sure sounds like they are high on something.
The fact of the matter is, we have a very big drug problem in this area and the state. With our porous borders, drugs are coming through. I have talked to some of our law enforcement officers and they talk about the drug problems we have. Drugs can hurt as those using them are known to steal to pay for their drugs and do even worse things. The argument that they are only harming themselves is a joke.
It would be nice to find that one party or the other was truly trying to represent the people and not just their party and their seat in the Legislature, but I sure can't find one.
These people making our laws have the future of our country in their hands. Laws make this country. Without good laws, you have a mob, which seems to be what our legislators seem to be like, sometimes.
That is why I have some faith in our future with the actions of our new president, Donald Trump. Yes, the media continually comes up with stories and charges against him. The trouble for the media is, these charges or stories fade away. Heck, the Russian story of them helping Trump is a joke. If Putin wanted anyone as president, it would have been Hillary. He had eight years of running over Obama, why would he not want another term with someone as weak? Remember the stories of Trump abusing women? Those stories died after the election. Trump's charge that Obama was bugging his office seem to be more true than ever as story upon story come out of surveillance being in place on his staff.
Trump has already elevated this country back to its place as the leader of the free world. Countries that snubbed their noses at us have to take us seriously, again. We actually have a leader in the White House, a leader who has common sense. The future of this country has a chance.
* * * * * * * * * *
Easter is over and it was a grand one. For a weekend we could just enjoy living in the great north country. Everyone was in good humor, life was great and only two people made the news for being kicked off a Delta flight (they were going to get married). It was just great to be alive in the great north country of Minnesota. Have a good week. The fishing opener is coming up.