Notes from all over

by GDA


The level of class in our nation's capital took a steep dive last week with the death of our 41st President, George Herbert Walker Bush. He was a gentleman who had class. He brought a level of civility to our nation's capital that it sorely needs, but won't have for a long time, given the crop of low levels that run our government. George H.W. Bush was not only a gentleman and a diplomat, but a president we could be proud of.
Along with his wife, Barbara, they brought a level of class to the White House that hasn't been equalled. The problem with George H. was he couldn't stand the people in Washington, D.C., whom he had to work with. This was a WWII Navy pilot who enlisted in the Navy out of high school and became the youngest flying officer in the Navy. He flew a torpedo bomber that was shot down. He held many high level jobs in our government from vice president under Ronald Reagan to the head of the Central Intelligence Agency. He was so much above those other elected people in D.C. they couldn't really communicate with him and that includes the press. His famous statement about "a thousand points of light" brought laughter from them, but now the media seems to understand that phrase and even says that George H.W. Bush was the brightest point of light.
It is hard to understand how someone whose morals were so low, such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, could beat a man of his caliber, but they did. One reason was Ross Perot with the big ears split the ticket. Without Perot, George H. would have easily won a second term and this country would be in a lot better shape now. This shows that the voters in this country don't always know who or what they are voting for.
I noticed during his second run that he was tired and he also didn't seem to really want the job. Being president, if you believe in this country and that job, is one of the toughest, no thanks jobs there has ever been. Of course we have had some who wanted the job just so there party could claim it and also for their own ego. That wasn't the case of George H. Bush.
One thing his passing on has done is now the media and the opposing party as well as his own party have come to realize the jewel they had in the White House.
Of course, if you watched his funeral, you would have seen Hillary Clinton, who never accomplished a thing in office, sat there stiff lipped looking like she wished she wasn't there. Because of Ross Perot, we got her.
It used to be in this country that the sitting president from either party brought a sense of style and civility to this nation. Other heads of state looked up to them. Now we have had other countries laughing at our president, such as Obama.
Yes, now we have Donald Trump and he definitely hasn't the civility or style that George H. had, but he has a tough job. He is trying to get our country out of the mess that it has sunk to and he is doing it against all odds. Think of what Obama would have done if he faced the wrath of the media and an opposing party whose only goal was to get rid of him even though he did win the presidency legally and by a big margin. Obama was not in the same league as presidents like George H., George W., Ronald Reagan, JFK, Harry S. Truman, FDR and definitely, Ike.
Hopefully Trump keeps succeeding as he has with getting full employment, getting rid of stupid trade agreements and getting fair ones, apparently stopping Korea's nuclear and missile programs, bringing jobs back home and investments, etc. Trump does things that, even for his supporters, seem bad, but he always comes out the winner. Maybe he knows something we don't know.
Anyway, we will miss George H.W. Bush and his wife. Barbara Bush and George H.W. truly loved this country and that is something recent presidents can't say. We can only say thanks to him and pray there are more like George H.W. coming up for either party. No, it doesn't look like there are any in either party like him now.
Goodbye to George H.W. Bush and Barbara, and thank you.
* * * * * * *
My granddaughter Gabby has had three articles published in these papers and, being a proud grandfather, I love to hear readers comment favorably on them. I have told her that readers think she is a good writer. She wants to go into journalism and is graduating this year. I kind of hoped that some letters commenting on her column would come in. If they do, I will send them to her.
Have a good week.

I would like to respond to the article Dec. 6 by Gabby Albertson.
Gabby, you are a wonderful young lady to share your recovery with us. I was attracted to read your story because of your last name. I am friends of your grandparents who care very much about you. You are handling two major things well. Life is full of things we have no control over, like your parents' divorce. Also the choices we make have consequences. Divorce and eating disorder. How fortunate for you to have the opportunity for treatment and family to share your recovery process.
Thank you for sharing your journey. We all have parts of our lives we wish we could change. I look forward to meeting you on your next visit to our little corner of the world.
Susan Wolfe of Cook
P.S. No body is perfect