Notes from all over

by GDA



Having published newspapers or been the business manager for others for nearly 50 years, I applaud local citizens who serve on boards and councils for cities and townships. I think we should be proud of the local people who have been elected, and applaud those who serve with no pay or little pay to represent their friends and neighbors. These people worry about where the money is going and the shape of their community. These valued community members work for the people, not for their own agenda. They are concerned about the financial shape of the city. We are lucky to have such people out there, and be sure to thank those who do the job, not for the money, but for their community.
The trouble is, there are some who get on these boards or councils whose main agenda is the money they get and working for a small group. They do their job a disservice and the community.
The reason I write this is, as the owner of the Tower News, the oldest weekly paper in St. Louis County at 122 years, I have followed with avid interest the actions of the Tower City Council as written by our Tony Sikora who has done a great job reporting the facts for the citizens of Tower. A lot of our summer friends feel they have to check in with Phyllis when they get here. It is truly Tower's newspaper. The fact is that the council over there has managed to put Tower in such bad financial straits that I don't see how they can get out of them without some large increases in real estate taxes. Their asset to liabilities ratio is so bad that if a business had it, they would automatically file for bankruptcy.
Tower has always been a friendly town until a few years ago and then they lost their independent school district, though they now have a top-notch K-6 school and a medical clinic. The city seemed to have then lost most of their businesses downtown. Taxpayers should look back and see what happened around that time to cause this.
The Tower News has been the legal newspaper for Tower for the past couple of years, but that has changed. The city council faced a dilemma at this year's reorganization meeting when the Tower News had the low bid. They couldn't figure how to not give it to the Tower News. So they tabled it and then last week they held another meeting and gave it to a new publication whose bid was at least three times that of the News. Maybe that will tell you why the City of Tower is in such poor financial shape.
Just think, they asked for bids, got a bid that was one-third that of the other and still took the high bid.
As a former controller for a large company that made overhead cranes, and also an accountant for Univac who had a government auditor checking my work daily, I am proficient in auditing, so I will be looking at the annual audit and giving a detailed report on that.
Local taxpayers should watch the actions of their elected officials. Maybe some of the residents who are more concerned about Tower should think of running for office.
In the meantime, I see that the City of Cook seems to run quite nicely and it has a lot of new construction. Tower has a lot of proposed construction, but nothing seems to get done.
Meanwhile, the Tower News, with 120 plus years of bound newspapers, still has the history of Tower-Soudan on hand. Something no one else has.
It looks like Amy Klobuchar is rising somewhat in the Democratic polls for the candidacy for president of her party. In the meantime, Mike Bloomberg has been busy spending some of his $50 trillion as he attempts to slide in and take the candidacy. Joe Biden is dying on the vine. It does look like the Democrats will have a brokered convention in Milwaukee, but they better watch out since Bernie the Commie has people who say they will burn the town down if he doesn't get it. Could this convention be a remake of the Democrats' 1968 one in Chicago?
Some of you probably feel that after November all this politics will come to an end, but don't. Democratic leaders are already talking of another impeachment and there will be another two dozen candidates from their party.
How do these candidates ever get any work done?
The good news is we have had a decent winter, though there was a lot of snow. March is almost here, so summer is close behind. Actually, for those who live up here, not the tree-huggers who come north to tell us what to do, like the weather year around. Yeah, we are probably a little nuts, but we don't have drive-by shootings, traffic jams, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, alligators, etc. Be happy with what we have and have a good week.

Kudos: To the fine people of the Range who attended the State Senate hearing on gun registration and gun confiscation bills advocated by the Twin Cities far left DFL. You presented yourselves well and with honor. Despite the mob-like presence of anti-gun radicals in red and orange T-shirts, whose real purpose was to intimidate and taunt law-abiding and peaceful gun owners, you won the day. - Jimmy Saranpaa