Notes from all over

by GDA


Thanks to the United States Supreme Court and justices who now make the laws instead of judging them, it looks like we just may be stuck with Obamacare. Yeah, Obamacare is that huge bill that the president and his lackeys put together behind closed doors with no one from the opposing party involved. They railroaded it through with few if any members of Congress actually having read it. It was supposed to make sure all Americans have health insurance.
Well, the recent Supreme Court decision, with its new laws written in, has made it hard for this bill to be stopped. Now, do all Americans have a chance at having health insurance? Supposedly they do, but insurance rates are skyrocketing, as are the costs of drugs. My drug costs for diabetes and high blood pressure have gone up 50 percent in some cases. My additional insurance now costs more than it used to cost for family care. Many who have gone with Obamacare tell of having deductibles over $5,000. In other words, they only have insurance for catastrophic care. Going in for a checkup or minor problems will mean that you pull the cash out of your wallet or purse. In other words, don't be surprised to learn that with the trillion dollar Obamacare health bill, more people will actually be without insurance.
I feel sorry for the young Americans who are starting out in life. The extra cost for health insurance will mean they won't have that new home or car. That money will go for health care. We do have some big problems in this country and it doesn't look like our Congress, from either side of the aisle, will do anything about it.
That means the next election is very important. The Dems only seem to have Hillary as their candidate and she has never accomplished much except get the taxpayers to pay for her home and make the Clinton Foundation a ready source of cash. The Republicans feel this is their election and the candidates are coming out of the woodwork. The latest count had 14 throwing their hats in the ring. There are many in that total who will drop out, but if you check them all out, they all seem to have more on the ball than Hillary.
Heck, you might want to look at a minority party for someone to vote for. Remember, elections do have consequences.
* * * * * * * *
They still have the Global Warming zealots out there. They are sure that humans are ruining the planet. Heck, if you noticed all the rain we have had up here this year and then go to California where they are having a drought, maybe they are right. California does more to control emissions than any state and see what has happened to them. You know, Mother Nature doesn't like it when we meddle with her.
* * * * * * * *
Have a good week and happy birthday to the Good Ol' USA. Despite the efforts of many, you survive and keep growing.