Notes from all over

by GDA


One of my favorite movies is "Pay It Forward." At least I think that is the title. It is about a young boy who writes a paper about "paying it forward." His paper said that helping someone without being asked was something we should all hope to do. His paper made national news and there were stories coming up all over this country about people who "paid it forward." No, these people didn't want credit for this act of kindness, they just wanted to help fellow human beings.
This young boy was knifed at the end of the movie when he tried to stop bullies from assaulting this small boy. His mother sold candles and the final scene showed all the area people marching to his house with the candles. Yes, it was sad, but it also made you feel that humankind is safe.
I thought of this movie when I read about our politicians and their so-called work of protecting their party and their office. Sometimes it seems they just don't seem to really care about the people they are supposed to serve. When was the last time you heard of a politician helping out someone in need and not getting a lot of public relations from it? Are they "Paying it Forward." ?
I was reading a story about the Civil War where Pres. Abe Lincoln visited the troops, helped them split logs and build a cabin. Yeah, back then the opposition party wanted to kick him out of office, as did the newspapers.
Think about Pres. Harry S. Truman and when he left office. Harry and his wife walked to his car, and it probably was a used one, and drove home to Missouri. He was definitely a man of the people.
Where are people like them who want to serve our country and the people without thoughts of what that would get them?
This all came to life a couple of weeks ago when my wife was in Tower getting ready to put the Tower News out. She decided to do a little shopping at Zup's and maybe pick up something for her and Phyllis for supper. As she was going through the checkout line and counting her money (if she didn't have enough, she would have written a check), a man was behind her who was in a good mood. He told her if she didn't have enough, he would cover it, but then he checked out and told the cashier to put her purchase on his. It was only around 10 bucks, but anyway, he smiled as he said he had a good day. He had just been to the doctor and was told he had a year to live. I have to believe that he was planning to live that year to the fullest. He also made the day for several. He wasn't feeling sorry for himself.
I remember walking out of McDonald's one morning after having coffee when a Navy veteran approached me and asked if I would lend him $2. He was on his way up north to Canada to see his family and just had enough money to pay for the gas. After talking about his time in the Navy, I handed him 10 bucks as a gift. You know, that really made me feel good. I can remember times when I didn't have the money for a burger.
Anyway, I have gotten a little sick of reading about so-called leaders of this country, especially from the once "People's Party." And the movie and this gentleman definitely lifted my spirits.
Think about "Paying It Forward." You could just make someone's day and yours, too.
Have a good week.