Notes from all over

by GDA


It is lucky that we have a Congress or Legislature in this country or state. If we didn't, there would be a lot of people out of work since most of these politicians would never get a real job.
Right now we have a U.S. Congress who seems to think their main job, at least on the left side of it, is to make stupid investigations of our newly-elected president and threaten to impeach him. Why didn't the same investigations go on for our former president? He violated our Constitution, ignored Congress in signing treaties, passed a health care bill without input from both parties and without reading it and, basically, had an eight-year vacation.
Did you realize that there has only been one president impeached in our history and that was Bill Clinton? Impeachment means they are charged, not convicted, but it is still a big deal. Of course, there was another president who was almost impeached, but the one deciding vote couldn't get to the Capitol on time to vote. Oh yeah, that president was Andrew Johnson, the V.P. who took over when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Yeah, he was a Democrat.
Now, our members of Congress are trying to pass a replacement for the failed Obamacare. They could just wait a few months and Obamacare would be history, but. Anyway, the Republicans want to pass a new health care bill, but, as usual, they can't agree. The Democrats want this new bill passed with input from both parties, something Obamacare didn't get. They also want a lot of discussion and a chance to read the bill. Yeah, that didn't happen with Obamacare.
It seems like both parties are trying to embarrass President Donald Trump. They don't like him since he isn't a member of their elite group of hacks. He cuts jobs, not makes them. He tries to cut spending, not increase it. President Donald Trump, whether you love him or hate him, is someone who is used to tackling a problem and finding a solution. Many from both parties don't like that.
Heck, if they want health care for everyone, why not use a system already in place, Medicare. Medicare is for catastrophic health care and that is what most people are afraid of. They could gradually lower the age to get into it while making cuts in other spending to equal the cost. You wouldn't need any 2,000 plus page bill, either.
If the members of Congress would quit adding programs to be paid out of Medicare and Social Security, they might find that they already have the money there. Social Security should have been one of the most solvent programs around, but the hacks in D.C. keep borrowing from it.
Did you know that with all the money paid into Social Security, unemployment - both state and federal, workers' comp., etc. and you made the projected minimum wage, putting those funds in a fund bringing a 6 percent return, when you retired at age 58 you would have between one and two million bucks in the bank? Take that along with pension plans, etc. and life would be good.
There are a lot of good things our Congress could bring us if they worked for the people and not themselves or their parties. You'd think we would be upset about this, but we keep on voting the bums in.
Elections have consequences.
* * * * * * * * * *
In the meantime, we continue to live in a great area, one the politicians forget unless they want more of our money. Have a good week. The fishing is reported to be great.