Notes from all over

by GDA


Graduates of the Cook School received some sad news last week. Kathy Leding, a longtime and well-remembered teacher, had passed away. Kathy was one of those teachers who students would always remember. She did a great job teaching, but no one could get away with anything in her classes. She had one student who is quite well known, former Sen. Doug Johnson, who acted up in her class and she was reported to have given him her hand. Doug seemed to remember that incident with relish.
I remember Kathy for her wit and her love to discuss anything. She was one of the teachers former students always went to talk to. Kathy and her husband, Ken, were strong members of the community and now they are gone.
I will always remember that glint in her eye when she came to talk about anything. She knew she had the upper hand.
She will be missed.
* * * * * * * *
Well, the sexual harassment scandals are flying out of Washington, D.C., and are now erupting around the country. These scandals started with unsupported charges against Pres. Trump and his administration. Those charges came from a paid-for report from an ex-MI6 secret service agent of Great Britain's. His reports have never been anything but B.S., but wait, Hillary Clinton and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) are reported to have paid for these reports. Hillary is reported in the foreign press, to be asking for more reports from this ex.... The media in this country doesn't seem to want to go after her, though.
In the meantime, this search for sexual harassment cases against Republicans has exploded. Now the Democrats are finding they have some bums who think it is OK to harass women who work for them. If you wonder why our members of Congress can't balance the budget, maybe it is because they are busy asserting their manhood over women who are underlings.
Don't be surprised that a lot of our members of Congress plus many in the national media resign their jobs. Some of the new media types are actually looking for news and not just printing fake news.
It is about time. Be they Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Environ-mentalists, Communists, etc., if they think they have the power to harass women or men, they should be canned, terminated or just sent out.
* * * * * * * *
Can you believe that we have so many senators and representatives who don't want to cut your taxes? Their main reason is the other party came up with the idea. Maybe we should let these people know that they represent the people and not their party.
For too many of our legislators, the only reason they vote for a bill or against it is because of which party the author or authors belong to.
These bipartisan politics must go.
* * * * * * * *
In the meantime, Pres. Donald Trump just keeps motoring on, ignoring the media with its fake news, making big changes and having a good time. Now, let us see. After nearly one year, the economy has grown at 3 percent compared to 1 percent for Obama. Several million Americans who took themselves off the work rolls, are now working. Jobs are coming back to this country. We are as close to full employment as is possible. Our Armed Forces have grown instead of declining. The stock market, and with it the pension funds of many Americans, has grown big time. Despite the many attempts by the DNC and Hillary to take him out of the office that we voted him into, he is still going strong. The Russian inquiry is a joke. Sexual harassment charges against Trump are laughed at. The Democrats have no one to lead them.
Heck, he seems to be doing great. He is now being called the most powerful man or woman on the planet. Barack Hussein Obama was never called that.
Just think what Trump could have accomplished if he had the media behind him, no matter what, that Obama had.
Oh yeah, a lot of these top media types are out of work now due to their reporting that has been shown to be not so true. How about that?
* * * * * * * *
Have a good week and Merry Christmas.