Notes from all over

by GDA


If you were wondering what our new governor, Tim Walz, will be like, we are rapidly finding out. Like all Democrat party leaders, he is apparently in the pocket of the militant environmentalists. Yes, he is putting more roadblocks in front of the pipeline that is needed. This pipeline has jumped through more hoops and over more hurdles than you can count. It has apparently passed all the tests, but now Gov. Walz has shown his true colors and he is putting up more roadblocks.
To make matters worse for Minnesotans and, actually, the whole country, the PolyMet Mining Project is being challenged, again. PolyMet has been fighting to start for way too long. I really wonder if it will ever become a reality. This is very bad for Northeastern Minnesota, but I sometimes think they are bringing it on themselves. The Democrat party owns Northeastern Minnesota and they are scared to oppose the militant environmentalists. They continue to elect representatives who are scared of the "tree huggers" and who don't seem to care for their people.
The United States now imports 91 percent of the titanium it uses. Now, that is ridiculous. A team of researchers at UMD recently developed a technology to process Minnesota's massive titanium deposits, which once contained too many impurities to be economical, into useful titanium used to make white pigment for paint and prosthetic limbs.
Minnesota's copper, nickel and platinum deposits are the largest undeveloped resources in the world. The ore grades in these deposits were once considered low compared to other copper mining areas in the 1940s. Companies are now developing mineral deposits that have lower grades relative to historic mines. Minnesota's ore grades of 0.3 percent copper are now globally competitive and, in fact, they are now about the same grades as copper mines operating throughout North America. This report was published in the Thinking Minnesota magazine and originally was in the Grand Rapids newspaper.
According to a new report titled Unearthing Prosperity, published by the Center of the American Experi-ment, mining Minnesota's copper, nickel and titanium resources would add $3.7 billion to Minnesota's economy every year and create more than 8,500 jobs.
Sounds like a "no brainer" to get these mining projects going but, for some reason, the Democrat leaders in this state don't want this area to be economically sound. So, what do the people do about it? They keep electing these same people who have held up these projects for years. When will we learn? It doesn't look like our new governor is going to help.
* * * * * *
Well, the word is out that the Mueller investigation of Pres. Trump's election and the Russians is nearly finished. It has taken two years and resulted in more rumors and fictitious leaks than you can count. The final report will be no report. Nothing was found of this very expensive expedition by a bunch of Washington, D.C., political hack lawyers using a fake dossier that Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party paid for even though they knew it was fake. Now is the time to investigate Hillary's campaign. Let's find out who gave her over a billion dollars. Could it be the Russians who paid her husband, Bill, $450,000 for a one-hour speech after Hillary, as Secretary of State, gave them a large amount of our uranium reserves? Now, that should be investigated.
Then we find out that the FBI under Comey was actually looking for ways to get rid of Pres. Donald Trump. If they did that in a Third World country, they would be lined up against a wall facing a firing squad. That should be investigated and I think it would.
With all this comedy going on in D.C., there is a good argument for term limits. Of course, if you get elected to two terms in the Senate, you can retire with more pay than if you were serving and then some lobbyist hires you wow. Look back when Harry S. Truman was president and then left Washington. He wasn't a multi-millionaire. Compare that to Barack Hussein Obama who now has a huge home outside the capital and one inside and is now making millions.
Our forefathers must be turning over in their graves.
* * * * * *
The high school basketball season is almost over and then it is time for post-season playoffs. The North Woods Grizzlies boys team is the odds on favorite to return to State for the third year in a row. Coach Kleppe and his coaching crew have got a program going. Good luck.
* * * * * *
I am still waiting for Global Warming. Every morning the TV and my cell phone show temps of around minus 20 or so. The Farmers Almanac had said this would be a mild winter. Who can you believe?
Have a great week.