Notes from all over

by GDA


This past week has been a good one for our president and this country, if not the world. Remember a year ago when there were fears around the world that North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong Un, would be sending some of his new missiles with nuclear warheads to this country? Fears of a nuclear war were everywhere.
Now, Pres. Trump has one meeting with Kim Jong Un and a start at denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula has started. The two signed a brief agreement. It is a start.
Of course, we have a media in this country who would actually be happier if North Korea sent one of their nuclear bombs to this country to blow up. We even have many Democratic lawmakers who aren't happy that this scary mess is being handled. You have to remember that most of our members of Congress are more concerned with keeping their party in the forefront than what happens to we, the people. Many are hoping for low employment, a Gross National Product that never grows, other countries going against the USA, you name it. If it is good for their party, it is good for the people. Yeah, that is stupid, but an awful lot of our members of Congress are just figureheads with Intelligent Quotients that wouldn't allow them in community colleges.
Just think of the cost we have as taxpayers to have these jokers sitting in Washington, D.C., playing at running this country. They can't even pass a budget, much less balancing one. If a private business was run like our government is, it would have gone Chapter 11 a long time ago. The trouble is, we have idiots who own the printing presses that print our money. Wait, don't blame them, we, the people, voted them in. Come November we will be doing that, again. There is some good news, apparently. The recent primaries have shown that candidates backing Trump, in other words, non-politicians, have been staging some major upsets. Maybe we have learned, but I doubt it.
* * * * *
Did you notice that Kim Jong Un brought his own toilet with him to the talks in Singapore? These dictators have troubles with their toilets, it seems. Back in the Cuban Missile Crisis, Premier Khrushchev skipped one meeting and the media made a big thing of it. The reason was his airplane, an Il-18, had a toilet that didn't work. The backup was the same. No, there wasn't news about this. Sometimes the news behind the news is unbelievable.
* * * * *
Well, the Inspector General's report on Hillary Clinton's misuse of e-mails is out and former FBI Director Comey is definitely at fault. He is blasted in the report, even though the I.G. tried to cover it up, somewhat. The fact of the matter is, under our laws, Hillary should be in Leavenworth. She allowed top secret data to be picked up by our enemies by using unencrypted servers. Back in my time in the USAF, if I had done a tenth what she did, I would still be making little rocks out of big ones in Leavenworth.
If we are going to be a nation of laws, which we have to be, then everyone has to abide by them, big or small. If this was carried out, we might see some huge reforms in D.C.
* * * * *
In the meantime, the Mueller "witch hunt" is now attempting to break the laws. He filed indictments against several Russian companies claiming they tried to change the last election. Nothing will ever come from the indictments as they are mainly for his PR. The trouble for Mueller is one of the companies answered the indictment and wants a jury trial. They also want documents from Mueller that he says show they were involved. Mueller is trying to stop from giving them the documents, which under our laws he has to. Could it be he has no such documents?
Don't laugh, the "witch hunt" is costing you money, every day.
* * * * *
Meanwhile, we are having another great summer. Yes, the politicians are around trying to garner your votes, but other than that, enjoy the great northern Minnesota. Just don't let the jokesters in Washington, D.C., know how great it is up here. Have a great week.