Notes from all over

by GDA


This coming November, what could be the most important election Americans have ever had a chance to vote in, will take place. A third of the Senate is up for election and all members of the U.S. House are up. Locally, voters will be voting to replace Mike Forsman on the County Board.
I have had a lot of readers and friends ask me who were the good candidates. Well, from what I can hear and see, if the candidate is an incumbent, vote against him or her. Don't worry if they are Democrat or Republican, vote for some new blood.
The trouble with the yahoos we have in Washington, D.C., is that they were probably, once, good representatives of the people they were supposed to represent. The trouble is, once they get to our nation's capital, they become indoctrinated in the party policy. That policy says you keep your party in power and they will keep you in your cushy job.
It used to be these representatives were more concerned about their friends and neighbors back home, but not anymore. They have a cushy job and as long as they jump to the demands of the party machine, they will receive money to help them stay in office.
It is time to let them know they represent us, the taxpayers, not their party hacks who are the tax spenders.
Remember, there are several candidates from a large number of parties running. You can also vote for the Independent Party candidates, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party and many more. There might be a candidate for the Communist Party, but that would be almost like voting for the Democrat candidate.
Read up and vote responsibly. Elections have consequences.
* * * *
A new report has come out that should make you wonder about the state of our economy.
Now, all the reports from D.C. paint a rosy picture. Unemployment is down, new jobs are being created heck, life is good.
Well, this report shows that 59 million younger and older Americans have moved back in with their parents or children. The only good reason for this is they can't find work that will allow them to pay for their own room and board. Senior citizens saw their retirement income go down as pensions were slashed or their investments tanked.
We hear that the unemployment rate is way down, but another report shows that the number of jobs in this country just came up to what there were when Obama and friends got into office. That means we are around 15 to 20 million jobs short of what we should have under normal conditions. The reason the unemployment rate is down is that millions of Americans have given up on finding a job and taken themselves out of the employment force.
It has also been reported that the participation in the job market, in other words the percentage of Americans working compared to the number who could work, is the lowest since 1937. Now, I seem to remember that was during the Great Depression.
Now a report has come out that Microsoft and Apple are each cutting something like 20,000 jobs.
Does it sound like somebody is cooking the books?
The Congressional Budget Office came out with the news that from 2015 to 2024, $7.6 trillion will be added to our national debt if Obamacare is kept going.
Somehow the national media missed those figures.
Obama had a chance to do so much, but he just didn't have the ability to take charge. Face it, he has never held a real job or accomplished anything. One speech put him in power. He didn't even write that speech, his handlers did. His handlers tell him what to do and he puts his golf clubs down to sign their bills.
Face it, most presidents don't really run the country, their handlers do. Yeah, LBJ, Nixon and Reagan did and possibly even JFK, but for the most part, the rest were figureheads and it is our fault that we got them.
In the meantime, summer is half over and it has been a wet one. Heck, enjoy it anyway.
* * * *
There is still time to vacation, golf, fish, boat, camp, picnic and ignore the boys and girls in their play school called Congress.
Have a good week, you deserve it.