Notes from all over

by GDA


I have to admit I am happy the major media is working overtime to check out Pres. Trump's action on Obamacare, plus keeping a close watch on everything and anything he says or does. That includes his family. I mean, wow, I wouldn't have known that his ex-wife had too much botox injected and her lips were too big. Now, that is important. Forget that North Korea is threatening to nuke us. Forget that North Korea is going after our banks and stealing money from them. Now, Pres. Trump's hairdo, that is important. Is it real or isn't it? The fact that Iran is close to having nuclear weapons isn't that important, but the hairdo is. Oh yeah, let's keep up this Russian fiasco. The media can fill tons of pages on this and they don't have to leave their office. They know what is important.
Yes, these big-time reporters and editors know what is important.
Of course, the changes that Trump is putting into action are being scrutinized closely and we will know 10 times more about them than we ever knew about Obamacare, except that Obamacare has really made a mess out of our health care system. People have insurance, but the deductibles are so high, they are virtually uninsured.
Of course, I have to wonder where they were when ex-Pres. Obama was in office. First, when it came to Obamacare, few if any members of Congress ever even read the bill that took over a large part of cour economy. It passed on a bi-partisan vote. That seems to be the way things are happening now.
As for the personal things on Trump, I know they are important, but why weren't they important under Obama? Have there ever been any real stories about his college life, both as an undergraduate and then after post-grad studies? You never heard anything about that. How come we never heard stories from friends he had in college or his professors? Heck, there has never been much of anything written about his life until he got into Congress. I suppose these major media types just realized that personal items were news. I do know of people who went to college with him and said they never saw him in a classroom, but I suppose he was so brilliant he didn't have to go.
Now, we do know he was a Community Organizer in Chicago and seeing the job he did there, you probably felt you had to vote for him.
Of course, now we do know everything about Trump. Of course, the media has failed to make big news about the millions of Americans who were off the employment rolls because they quit looking for jobs and now they are back working. The fact that the stock market is surging every day isn't news for these media people. Maybe someday Obama will have someone write his autobiography. Then we will learn who he really is. His mother was American, so there shouldn't be any controversy over that, but
In the meantime, Pres. Trump uses the Internet and Twitter too much. I think so, anyway, but he probably feels that is the only way to get his side of the news out.
Now, for those of you who think bi-partisan politics is the way it has always been, look back to the 1980s when Ronald Reagan was president and the Congress was controlled by the Democrats. He got his agenda passed with bi-partisan support, receiving votes from both parties. That is the way our government is supposed to work.
In the meantime, be prepared for stories on the Trump ladies' fashions, if they are gaining weight, their hairdo is wrong or Trump is gaining or losing weight. That is important or so we are told.
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October is over half gone. Time marches on. Have a good week.

To the Editor:
The Oct. 13 issue of the TJ reporting on the Greenwood Township Board of Supervisors meeting noted that the Tower Ambulance Service is looking to change the funding formula to provide additional revenue for the Tower Ambulance.
Ambulance response time can be critical to many medical emergencies, such as potential strokes, heart attacks, chain saw cuts and auto accidents. Residents of Greenwood Township faced with a health emergency who live on the western side of the township and call 911 will be appropriately served by the Cook Ambulance. Cook Ambulance response time to western Greenwood Township is much better than the Tower Ambulance. The Tower Ambulance already receives a significant amount of monetary support from Greenwood, but the Cook Ambulance receives none. My question is a very simple one. Why doesn't the Cook Ambulance receive support commensurate with the Tower Ambulance?
Chuck Richards,
Greenwood Township