Notes from all over

by GDA


Can you believe it? A year from next November we will be going to the polls to vote for a new president? Yeah, I know, many feel we need to vote sooner, but the Constitution says every four years. What the Constitution didn't say is that the candidates for president should start campaigning nearly as soon as the last election is over.
Well, campaigning for the 2016 presidential election is going on now, hot and heavy.
Hillary Clinton, whose only real claim to fame was that she was the woman whose husband was president and cheated on her with other women so the whole world knew about it, has filed. She supposedly stood quietly by even though her lack of pride was showing. A new book does say that Pres. Clinton had to be treated with stitches for cuts on his head, and that for three months he had to sleep on the sofa, but Hillary stood by him, pride not withstanding. The need for power supersedes everything else for some.
Marco Rubio is the latest Republican to file. He received notoriety when he was the Tea Party's man. He then kind of slipped back into the Republican camp and now seems to like some of the ideas of the Libertarian Party. He definitely has more going for him than our present president or Hillary.
There will be others throwing their hats in the ring. The politics will get to be too much for most of the people. Don't expect a lot of truths to come out, either.
The trouble is, we will now have a lot of so-called "experts" telling us who to vote for or what each candidate will do. The Democrats seem to lose their tempers when it comes to politics, while the Republicans don't seem to want to speak out too much. It seems like the Republicans I know are more concerned about the candidate than their party affiliation, but I could be wrong.
What brought this up is last week, I received a letter to the editor from an ardent, leftist Democrat giving me "what ever" on Ted Cruz's candidacy and accusing me of backing the guy. This writer said that Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz was one of my favorite politicians. I don't know where that came from, but for some political experts, they just make up things. Anyway, this writer noted that Ted Cruz was born in Canada and his father was born in Cuba. If that were true, Ted Cruz couldn't run for the presidency. Of course that might not be true when you realize our present president never really satisfied many as to where he was born. He did finally come up with a birth certificate, but it was different. With the services the president can call on, a perfect, counterfeit birth certificate could be forthcoming with ease.
I do notice that this writer never questioned Barack Hussein Obama's birth place or the fact that according to the Koran, he is a Moslem. The Koran says that if your father is a Moslem, the son is.
Oh well, this is politics so don't let the truth mar the story.
By the way, Obama spent about a billion and a quarter dollars on his presidency. Guess where most of that came from, and it wasn't from sources in this country. Well, Hillary is hoping to raise $2-1/2 billion or twice that. That money won't all originate in the U.S.A. Look to the Middle East for the sources. She would be spending about $35 to $40 for every vote if she received the same number of votes Barack Hussein Obama received in his last election.
There must be a lot of money in that job.
The Republicans do have some candidates I find interesting. No, Chris Christie isn't one of them. We do need a president who loves this country, is willing to actually work at it and not just enjoy the trappings of the office, and one who will abide by his or her oath to defend this country. Both parties have had such people in the past. Just think, what would LBJ, JFK, the two Roosevelts, Truman, Reagan, George H. Bush, etc. think of what we have had recently for president?
When you vote, remember that elections have consequences.
* * * * * * * *
It looks like there is a little battle going on in St. Paul between Gov. Mark Dayton and Senate Majority Leader Sen. Tom Bakk. Makes you wonder if the governorship is a future goal for Bakk. Yeah, the Republicans aren't doing much, as usual.
* * * * * * * *
Have a good week.