Notes from all over

by GDA


Here we go, again. Our beloved leaders in our nation's capital, Washington, D.C., have found another way to spend money and they are quickly pushing to get it OK'd. These politicians sure love to spend money as long as it isn't theirs. Most don't know how to pick up a check when they are going out with others.
What I am talking about is the $4 trillion that Obama's gang said he needs to handle the huge influx of teenagers from South America. They need that money to hold hearings and then send them back or let them stay.
Of course it could be done cheaper with no new money. Sen. John McCain, who finally made some sense, said under Obama's plan it will cost half a million dollars per illegal teenager and that might not get them back to their own country. He noted that they could fly them back for around $200 for a one-way ticket. This would cost around $20 million and there is money in the INS and Border Patrol budget for that.
Now, a good friend of mine, a lawyer, said they had to hold hearings. Well, there are different ways to hold hearings. They could hold hearings for large groups and the cost would go way down.
Face it, the machine in charge wants to keep spending our money.
Now, the real question that should arise is, why are we all of a sudden getting these young people riding the death trains to our borders and then coming across illegally? They think they are heading for a better life, but are they?
The word out in Mexico and South America is that if you get across the border, you have it made. The USA has great programs to let you live for free. They will give you shelter, food, money, etc. The USA is, truly, the land of milk and honey. Their borders are porous and even if you get caught, don't sweat it.
This attitude has been growing and Barack doesn't seem to care.
Yeah, he went south to check on the problem. He was seen playing pool with the governor of Colorado. He didn't want to go to the border to check on the problem. He was having too much fun playing pool and
Yeah, he probably had to get in a few rounds of golf, too. He has probably only played 120 rounds of golf since 2008.
Barack Hussein Obama does like life in the big house on Pennsylvania Avenue. If only that dang red phone would quit ringing.
Why do we pass laws when even the president or his attorney general openly defy them? Governments are made up of laws, not people.
* * * *
The chaos arising from the president's failed programs, such as bugging Congress, spying on its citizens, using the IRS to hassle opposing political groups, is getting to be too much for this regime.
So, to change that, he needed another crisis. Well, guess what? He found one. Now he is trying to show that he wants every American, man or woman, to have birth control products paid for by their employer. He sure does like to spend other people's money.
You would almost think that there are no other problems facing this country, but birth control. Actually, by raising enough stink with his captive media, he is making Americans forget the myriad of crises and problems he has.
Not bad, eh?
* * * *
The investigators still haven't found the months of missing e-mails that were requested by the congressional committee. This sure makes Nixon's missing six seconds look minuscule, doesn't it?
This administration has set so many precedents that this country will have to live with, it isn't even funny. Just think what a president who has a modicum of brain power and experience will be able to do with these precedents. You had better believe it can happen and probably will.
* * * *
Can you believe it? Summer is nearly half over. Slow down, summer, and have a good week.