Notes from all over

by GDA



The media is always looking for scary headlines or ones to blast our president. The latest one is over mail-in ballots. Using them, ballots would be mailed to those requesting or, in some cases, mass mailings could be used. The U.S. Postal Service would then be depended on to get the ballots in for counting. This method of voting is supposed to make it easy so everyone can vote, but for those in other countries, it must seem like a joke. In many countries around this globe, being able to actually have a vote on who runs their country is something new for many. They also know they may have to put their lives in jeopardy if they vote. There are many who have to walk many miles over poor paths and roads to vote, but they do.
In this country, our politicians do their best to make it extremely easy to vote FOR THEM! Yes, that is right. These political hacks, not leaders, are more concerned in keeping their cushy jobs and their party in power than making this a truly representative country.
Do these hacks think of the 1.3 million Americans who lost ther lives fighting for our rights, including our right to vote a true representative into office? Just think, we lost 655,000 in the Civil War on both sides. Then we lost 522,000 in WWI and WWII, plus 58,209 in Vietnam, 36,516 in Korea, and 7,052 fighting the terrorists.
These brave young and old men and women gave their lives for the freedoms that our so-called leaders now want to give away. The right and privilege to vote is something we should be proud of and fight to keep, not let political hacks take the vote away from us.
When those in favor of making it easy to vote say no one can mess up an election, they are truly full of it. The election for Al Franken in Minnesota where all of a sudden they found a few hundred votes in a basement or in someone's truck up here shows elections can be fixed.
I do know that I will enter the voting booth and mark my ballots down. That right is too precious to me.
As a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, I am also a member of the American Legion, so I receive their monthly magazine. A recent one had a great column by James "Bill" Oxford talking about another virus this country has. It is a virus that can imbed itself in peaceful protests, and turn them into nightmares, it turns Americans against Americans, can threaten lives, neighborhoods and infrastructure.
This virus is called anarchy and Bill Oxford wrote a great column about it. Those who justly fight for civil rights and equality should be worried about this virus and be staunchly fighting it. It can take away their causes, hijacking them. They can't turn to the national media for help as it has seemingly been hoodwinked by those anarchists who burn down communities, homes and businesses, stealing whatever they can.
The lawlessness that invaded the "Miracle Mile" shopping area of Chicago this week is an example. A black man shot at police who chased him down and wounded him. This was all these anarchists needed. They converged on this area in droves. Some actually rented U-Hauls to load with items stolen from looted stores. They closed the bridges leading to that area and the police had to stand back. Of course, the idiot mayor blamed Pres. Trump for this and didn't apparently ask for help.
Think of who this affected.
The people of this country have to take their country back before it is too late. The political parties and their politician members have to go back to the people and really represent them. We need to demand that they actually do what they are paid to do and get rid of this anarchy virus.
We have a chance. An election is coming up soon.
I can't believe that the DNC leaders have gotten away with saying Pres. Trump won't abide by the election results in November if he isn't re-elected. This is the party that tried a coup to get rid of our president and they started it before he was elected. Also, they are already planning another impeachment coup if he does win this time. Why do we let this happen?
Meanwhile we see China buying up our country, trying to take over our government and still have 13,000 so-called education camps which most would call concentration camps. The company in China that runs them has ties with some in this country too and most in our government probably know it, but....
Things are so topsy-turvy in our government that one report said if John F. Kennedy or Bill Clinton were in office now, they would be Republicans. That isn't that far off.
Enough of this, grab your fishing rod or your golf clubs or just hop in your vehicle or ATV and enjoy living up here. Those hacks try to ignore us, which isn't all that bad. Have a good week.

My View -
Why all the concern about police funerals? An officer shot in the line of duty - why not? They are showing their love and respect. Any profession can organize a parade. I've seen some long and drawn out funerals.
Have you watched any of the so-called "peaceful" protest marches? Then they turn violent. They throw bottles and bricks at police officers and police cars. Their acts are of planned terror. Bags of cement blocks are hidden in bushes along the planned "peaceful" march route for use later.
Have you watched videos of rioters throwing fire bombs through the windows of a shopping mall? They are laughing while watching the stores go up in flames. This was supposed to be a peaceful march in the mall parking lot. One of the events we always included at Christmas with our grandchildren was a trip to this mall. The children saw Santa, rode the child's train, admired the decorations and we bought our gifts. That's over.
One of the fire bomb throwers played a game of basketball after. When they get out of jail on bond, they are greeted as heroes.
Most of our police officers have a degree in criminal justice. Most are veterans. Between my husband and son - they have three master's - peabrain!!
An officer should not have to put up with hand-to-hand combat whenever he or she apprehends a possible violator.
A game for the "peaceful" marchers is to call police because they say they heard gunshots. When the police car arrives, it is surrounded, pelted with bricks, the officers dragged out, beaten and kicked in the face.
Another game the marchers play is to march across a busy intersection, stop; and block traffic. This becomes annoying.
There are several sides to every story.
All lives matter, including unborn.
You live in God's Country up there. Appreciate it.
June Beatty Hanson
Lutz, Fla.


To the Editor
Iron Range mayors upset with outsider:
Once again Congresswoman Betty McCollum has placed a target on the backs of the residents of northeastern Minnesota who reside in the 8th Congressional district by including the following provision in H.R. 7612: Sec. 435, Rainy River Watershed: "None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act may be used to review or approve a mine plan proposed within the Rainy River Watershed of the Superior National Forest."
This language submitted by the congresswoman not only impacts the Twin Metals project, but also prohibits expansion of taconite mining facilities, including US Steel Minntac, ArcelorMittal Minorca and NorthShore Mining, a Cliffs operation. This $37 BILLION dollar appropriations bill would provide nothing to benefit those of us who reside in or near the Rainy River Watershed, but would certainly impact our future as residents of the region.
As Iron Range mayors of communities stretching from the Canadian border to the Iron Range and beyond, we stand with our 8th District Congressman Pete Stauber in his outrage over this proposal by Congresswoman McCollum. McCollum, from Minnesota's 4th District (St. Paul area), has decided that she knows what is best for members of his district and without any consultation inserted the provision against his strong objection and unfortunately it was passed by the House appropriations committee and also by the House.
As mayors we have been duly elected by the residents of our communities who have entrusted us to act on their behalf and in their best interests. We strive to provide the essential services our communities need while our citizens enjoy the bounty of northeastern Minnesota, the clean water, the phenomenal wilderness and forests, the solitude of rural living. We also prosper and benefit from the rich mineral deposits of iron ore that have provided us with over 135 years of mining careers, supplemental support industries, built our schools and allowed generations of Iron Rangers to stay home and prosper. You, Congresswoman McCollum should be ashamed to think you know what we want and need for our communities. Now we have an opportunity to develop a precious mineral mining economy and diversify our economy all while supplying our country with the strategic minerals that are in demand by the clean energy economy, the technology, pharmaceutical and national defense industries rather than relying on foreign nations for our needs. Your provision eliminates even the possibility of that happening in our region.
A bill was introduced in the Minnesota Legislature to provide some tax incentives for an expansion of the Mall of America by (hold your breath) a foreign country! As mayors of northeastern Minnesota we fully expect to see that you demand an environmental impact assessment of this proposed project before one shovel of dirt is turned over and we hope it takes 14 plus years for completion like proposed projects on the Iron Range. Congresswoman McCollum, we have a saying on the Range: "Watch Your Own Bobber." Please heed our words and let our duly elected congressman represent us.
The Range mayors ask for residents and business leaders to join us as we call upon our U.S. senators, Klobuchar and Smith, to work on preventing this language from becoming law. The Senate can and must help the Range retain its proud mining history and future opportunities of environmentally safe mineral extraction. Rangers do it right.
Iron Range Mayors
The following mayors agreed to sign on to this letter: Gar Tibbitts - Aitkin; Douglas Gregor - Aurora; Andrea Zupancich - Babbitt; Jim Weikum - Biwabik; John Klarich - Buhl; John Tuorila - Calumet; John Champa - Chisholm; Chuck Novak - Ely; Bob Vlaisavljevich - Eveleth; Dave DeNoyer - Floodwood; Karl Oberstar Jr. - Gilbert; Dale Adams - Grand Rapids; Rick Cannata - Hibbing; Dan Kingsley - Hill City; Chris Vreeland - Hoyt Lakes; Bill King - Keewatin; Gary Skalko - Mt. Iron; Calvin Saari - Nashwauk; Larry Cuffe - Virginia