Notes from all over

by GDA


When a new president takes office, historically they have a period where the opposing party and the press give them a chance to get situated and get their agenda going. With the election of Donald Trump, this has not happened. His honeymoon never started. In fact he was taking criticism and being attacked before he got into office. The interesting thing is, he has gotten his presidency going faster than many if not all. He has his cabinet all set and many already sworn in. Yes, he had one nominee who dropped out, but think of Obama, he had three.
There have been protests all over as the liberals still can't believe they lost the election and by a big margin. These protesters who stage violent protests, burning cars, throwing things at the police are breaking the laws that you and I are living by. They seem to not realize that we have a government of laws. Without the laws, we would become mob controlled.
Peaceful protests are fine, but blocking off highways and making the law-abiding people have to go around or wait is wrong.
As for the immigrants, do you realize that your grandparents or great-grandparents, etc. abided by the laws when they came here? We have quotas for each country and immigrants had to go through the hassle of coming here and they did. Now we are saying that people breaking our laws should be welcomed. We should even pay them.
A recent story in the liberal LA Times is quite interesting. The article which was emailed to me said 95 percent of warrants for murder in LA are for illegal aliens. Seventy-five percent of people on their most wanted list are illegal. Over 67 percent of births in LA County are to illegal alien Mexicans or Medi-Cal whose births are paid for by taxpayers. Over 35 percent of inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals, here illegally. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in LA County are living in garages. The FBI reports half of all gang members in LA are most likely illegal aliens. Less than 2 percent of illegal aliens are picking crops, but 29 percent are on welfare. Over 70 percent of the United States' annual population growth results from immigration. Also, 29 percent of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens. Why do we allow this?
Of course many politicians love the illegals because they vote for them.
So, what is wrong with Pres. Trump stopping immigration from about 20 percent of Muslim countries for a few months? Do you remember when Pres. Jimmy Carter stopped all immigration for five months? Heck, who was it who interred 200,000 Japanese Americans during WWII?
When you read or hear about protests against anything, here is a trick you can use to see if you think the protests are really valid. If the protests are racial, change the color of the person being protested and see what you think. If it is about a shooting, change the color and see what you think.
The trouble with our main stream media and even some local newspapers is they are lazy. They have the internet to download stories and then they can rewrite them or change the headlines. There are so many Pulitzer Prize type stories out there, especially in Washington, D.C., but you won't read them. The stories might not coincide with the reporter's crusade.
Many reporters have forgotten the ethics that used to be almost a bible for the news. One big don't was that a reporter reported the news, didn't make the news. You were never supposed to editorialize on the front page, just on the opinion page, but that rarely is the way things are done now.
The big story that should be coming up is how liberals are trying to stage a coup to get Trump out. They are doing it with false stories. Remember the big story about Trump molesting women? That went nowhere and died. If there was a story, you know those women would have pursued lawsuits against Trump with all his bucks. All the fake stories against him before his election are now forgotten.
By the way, Trump said he wasn't going to pursue the case against Hillary and her emails, but the FBI is. She is supposed to have said, by the way, that her main goal in running for president was to keep Bernie Sanders out. Right? Hillary and Bill and even Chelsea are having troubles financially now. Those companies and countries who sent them money to buy influence are distancing themselves from the Clinton cartel. Chelsea's husband just closed his investment fund and sent the money back. The Clintons have had to lay off several from their so-called fund.
As for the leaks from the White House, there are supposed to be transcripts from the National Security Agency on these things. The trouble is, the NSA is not supposed to be operating in the USA. Of course the NSA, which at one time was the top intelligence agency in the world, is nothing like it used to be. It seems to have been politicized.
In the meantime, Pres. Donald Trump just keeps on going about his agenda. He is copying Ronald Reagan by going to the people when the media puts out false stories and it is working. Hopefully we will get back the media the way it used to be.
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Have a good week and get the sun screen out. Can you believe these temperatures?