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by GDA


This is the time of year that many don't look forward to. This is the time when you have to start getting your tax return done. Now, a lot of the taxpayers go to tax preparers to do the work, but many do it themselves. Actually, tax returns are much easier to prepare now that they have tried to put all those deductions into a standard deduction, but you have to have those returns filed by April 15. Now, if you owe money, but don't have it, you should file anyway. The government will usually work something out.
Now, just to make you angry, did you know that our members of Congress and presidents have put all of us in hock $63,000? That is every man, woman and child in this country. This is according to the Current U.S. National Debt as of Nov. 13, 2017, the end of the Obama regime.
The U.S. National Debt as of that date was $20,495,812,003,458. When Obama took office it had been a little over $8 trillion. When George W. Bush took over it was a little over $4 trillion. That comes out to $62,820 for every citizen or $169,735 for each taxpayer. To pay on that the government took in $3,340,219,572,179. Total state revenues for that year were $1,747,282,203,648. The U.S government spent $4,018,041,125,960 in 2017, which means they spent $677,821,553,781 more than they had. Try doing that with your personal income and expenses and you would be bankrupt.
Some of the largest budget items included $1,156,903,805,701 for Medicare/Medicaid, $944,721,106,651 for Social Security, $637,502,718,359 for Defense, $296,416,213,607 for income security (unemployment), $273,436,776,588 for interest on our debt, and $265,416,213,607 for Federal Pensions. By the way, the U.S. Domestic Product for 2017, which is what we produced, was $19,389,017,718,529. Total incomes paid would have been about $6,500,000,000,000. Social Security taxes withheld, including for Medicare, would amount to around $500,000,000,000.
More bad news for us, the taxpayers, is that the total interest paid in 2017 was $2,593,487,233,605 or $7,949 per citizen. The total debt in the United States was $68,034,688,974,763 or $208,529 per citizen.
Mortgage debt was $14,804,594,237,861, student loan debt was $1,496,691,837,007, and total personal debt was $18,622,239,197,178. There are approximately 350,000,000 citizens in this country, so do the math.
The big problem is our government and its bureaucracies have become so huge that no one knows what is where. The Pentagon is thought to bury evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste. Think of what the other agencies have done. There have been reports that there are three agencies to do the work of one throughout our government.
This has all grown under both the Democrats and Republicans, but we, the people, keep voting the same ol' hacks in who do nothing but feather their nests.
You may not like Donald Trump, but he does know how to run big businesses. He took a million dollar loan and built it into a multi-billion conglomerate. Yes, he has hired some boobs in the cabinet and administration, but he is not afraid to can them. In private business you have to do that. We definitely need some new leaders in Washington, D.C., and not political hacks. We need leaders who care for the people not their party bigwigs.
Trump has already cut a large share of the EPA rules out that just cost us money. He is cutting the size of our government, and the Congress and media don't like that. Of course, he doesn't even take a paycheck and while doing this, he wears a target on his back. Yeah, sometimes you have to hate his tweets, but it is surprising how many people who used to hate them, now look forward to them.
I will probably get a lot of letters about this column, but if I do, check what the writers are doing for a living and don't be surprised if most are on the government dole.
That is enough of this and have fun with your tax forms.
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This is another northern Minnesota winter with stretches of minus zero weather and snow. You gotta love it...