Notes from all over

by GDA



Take a deep breath, the circus is almost over, but a new circus is starting up. The circus, as you may realize, is our so-called presidential election for 2020. This whole thing was a joke and it ended with a bigger joke. The Socialist Democrat Party started out with their plan to get rid of President Donald Trump, but they actually started that plan out four years ago. They bought a fake report and used it to try and find Trump guilty of colluding with the Russians. The trouble is, there was no such collusion, except on the Dems' side. This went on for four years and was unceremoniously dumped, much to the chagrin of Hillary Clinton and the DNC brass who paid for that fake report. In the meantime, the Socialist Dems had a couple of dozen lightweights campaigning to take on a president who accomplished more than any president has ever done in this short of time. Joe Biden, who has never shown any real talent at leading or getting anything done, but has been a party player for 40 years, was given the nod after he made a deal with Bernie Sanders to bring on Kamala Harris, a California Socialist as the vice president. Oh yeah, she never garnered one vote in her campaign for president.
Through the use of mail-in ballots, ballots counted after everyone went home, etc., Biden surprisingly won. Of course, the Trump Campaign has challenged some of the apparent voting improprieties and there are something like 300 lawsuits still ongoing.
Anyway, Biden has been confirmed and was sworn in. The riots never happened, either. Right-wingers don't seem to know how to commit arson, steal, beat people up, etc., they just show up and protest.
If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in a "Banana Republic" like they have in Africa or South America, you should know. When they seemingly change governments down there, the army, police and private armies are called out to stop protests. That was what happened in Washington, D.C.
Meanwhile, the Socialist Dems with old lady Pelosi leading them, are not done with Trump. She wants to impeach him, though he won't be in office. Pelosi hates Trump. She couldn't get him in four years, but she is not done. The DNC is still unhappy that Pres. Clinton was impeached, the second president to have that happen to, with the first being Andrew Johnson, also a Democrat.
Impeachment used to be a serious matter and wasn't taken without real cause, but not anymore. Just watch, in two years, if the Republicans win the Senate and House, Biden will be impeached. That is unless he does a Trump in getting things done, and that isn't likely. Things are changing already. Gas has gone up two bits a gallon and Biden wasn't in office, yet.
Maybe it is time we get these clowns out of Washington, D.C., and I don't mean just the Socialists. There are a lot of Republicans who definitely don't earn their pay.
Too many members of Congress enjoy their jobs. They don't have to do anything except vote the way the party tells them to and they get something like $175,000 a year plus perks. It must be a good deal since Biden was able to acquire four very nice homes on that salary. Maybe son Hunter helped him out....
Yeah, I know it is hard to like Donald Trump. His job is tough. Of course, everyone seemed to like Jimmy Carter and he was a disaster as president, almost as bad as Barack Hussein Obama. Of course, Trump tried to end Obama's war in Afghanistan. He brought troops home. there were no other wars. Peace treaties were signed in the Middle East, the first in 25 years. Our economy grew more than ever. Manufacturing came back to this country, despite Obama saying it wouldn't. He was draining the swamp in D.C. He closed our borders. The main trouble is, Trump is a bully and maybe that is needed in that job. He wasn't beholden to anyone, including in Washington, D.C. Heck, both parties wanted him out. He was threatening their fancy way of life. We will be going back to that way of governing now, though. Well, you get what you ask for.
Somehow this country keeps going.
Meanwhile, we still have COVID-19 around, but there are several vaccines out there thanks to Trump's campaign to develop them. I was able to get the first shot and no, there were no side effects. You have to wait 15 minutes after getting it and they do have a program to keep track of those who get the shot to see if there are any side effects. What surprised me is the number of people who say they won't get the shots. They don't trust them. Of course, one person I know takes drugs said no to the shots.
With restaurants and bars open, the economy is opening up. Still, Biden wants to print more money to buy votes. How many can remember when Pres. George W. Bush was blasted in the press for having a national debt of over $5 trillion? Well, thanks to COVID-19 and our Congress, the national debt is around $30 trillion. When you spend your $600 stimulus money, remember each American, man, woman and child now owes over $30,000.
Meanwhile, we keep living the good life up here. Rioters and arsonists don't come up here. They don't threaten to burn down businesses or homes. The reason is, they know that up here most have guns and won't allow anyone to turn them out or steal from them. Enjoy living in this great part of the world with some of the best people there are.
Have a good week.

Cook HRA ­ Setting the Record Straight

Due to the number of letters to the editor the past 12 months by six Pioneer residents in making blatantly false statements and attacking the integrity of the Cook Housing Authority (HRA), it is time to set the record straight.
If the statements made by these six Pioneer residents had any substance of truth, the MN Dept. of HUD would have taken negative action towards the Cook HRA. Instead, HUD has been appalled at the past, current and recent actions by these six Pioneer residents, along with some actions by a couple of HRA board members who showed support for these six Pioneer residents. The past year, the Cook HRA has documented actions by these six residents and kept HUD, our attorneys, our HRA board members, as well as the mayor, city administrator and city council, informed of the actions of these six Pioneer residents. The following addresses issues raised:
· The Cook HRA has no affiliation with the City of Cook, nor does the City have any authority over how the Cook HRA does business. HRA employees are not city employees.
· Any actions by HRA staff and/or board members are the direct result of these six Pioneer residents not adhering to HUD rules and regulations within a signed lease agreement that all residents sign. Residents can air personal issues by providing their respective issues to the office prior to a board meeting ­ HRA standard protocol.
· This group of six Pioneer residents have caused disturbances at board meetings, thus the board took necessary action to eliminate these disturbances. Residents can and have spoken at board meetings when they do so in a respectful manner and within the required 3 minutes plus follow the protocol in place, which they are aware of.
· These six Pioneer residents have engaged in defamation of character and reputation. These six Pioneer residents have been provided with a cease and desist order from the HRA attorney. If any of these six Pioneer residents fail or refuse to cease and desist, i.e. speaking in a defamatory nature as they have in the past towards the HRA, it will leave the HRA no other option than to take legal action against that respective individual ­ this means possible eviction.
· The statement that the six Pioneer Building residents have followed all steps to form a legal council is false and has no merit. The only document provided to the Director was from one of the six Pioneer residents in his office, not an attorney. This group did not and has not followed HUD required procedures to form a resident council and HUD has confirmed this.
· Statement of shoddy maintenance is false. The HRA uses licensed and bonded local contractors outside of day-to-day maintenance issues. There have been no complaints from residents that work is not being done in a timely and professional manner. Local contractors, based on this statement from these six Pioneer residents, subject themselves to libel.
· The HRA has never violated any resident's right to freedom of speech and/or violated their First or Fourth Amendment rights. Again, confirmation that this has not occurred by HUD.
· Each of these six Pioneer residents, if they so choose, have the right to move and find residency elsewhere if the Cook HRA is not a good place for them to live. Ironically, when this statement has been provided to some of these six Pioneer residents, their response has been, 'I have no place else to go." If that is the case, then abide by the HRA rules, as the other 75-plus residents have no problem in doing. In addition, there are a number of housing vacancies with other local public housing agencies (HRA) in the immediate area, so these six Pioneer residents have options. The HRA holds all residents accountable for their actions per lease agreements.
In closing, even though the HRA has not had the support that we have asked for and wanted from the City of Cook council/administrator, as Director of the HRA, I am proud of what the HRA, as a collective group, have accomplished the past six years. Staff is also extremely grateful for the tremendous support and understanding of our two HRA board officers ­ without their support, working at the HRA would be difficult. We thank you.
Regarding the HRA other 75-plus residents at both the Pioneer, Homestead and duplexes, I know I speak for all employees/contract employees and contractors here at the HRA in saying it is a pleasure to serve you as you truly appreciate what we have here at the Cook Housing Authority. You are the ones who make it worthwhile and the HRA will continue to serve you with the respect you deserve. The HRA will pursue all legal recourse to make sure all residents at the HRA are in a safe, non-threatening environment. The HRA will not permit six Pioneer residents to continue to speak in a defamatory nature, which only casts a negative reflection on all who work, reside and visit the Cook HRA.
Reed Erickson, Executive Director
Cook Housing Authority


To the Editor:
Representative Jamila Prayapal is furious. She and 75-year-old cancer survivor Rep. Bonnie Watson appeared to have gotten infected with Covid while hunkered down in close quarters with unmasked Republicans in the Capitol bunkers during the insurrectionist riot. "...several Republicans not only cruelly refused to wear a mask, but recklessly mocked colleagues and staff who offered them one.... (they) should be fully held accountable for endangering our lives because of their selfish idiocy," tweeted Prayapal.
Meanwhile, in Minnesota, Republican Senate Leader Paul Gazelka opposed a motion to require that masks be worn in the State Capitol complex, introducing an amendment to instead "strongly encourage" mask wearing. Our erstwhile DFL Senators Tom Bakk and David Tomassoni appeared to have had their fingers put into a vise by Gazelka and went along with Republicans even though their votes weren't needed to kill a mask requirement.
What a wonderful concept, "strongly encourage." We could save a lot of money by sending our legislators home and, instead of passing laws and regulations, just "strongly encourage," as in:
· we strongly encourage you not to drive 90 mph through town
· we strongly encourage you to pay your taxes
· we strongly encourage you not to empty your raw sewage into the city water supply
· we strongly encourage... well, you get the drift.
We're rapidly heading for half a million Americans dead from COVID-19, and Gazelka wants no mask mandate? He got COVID; his mother-in-law and a member of his caucus died of it. He said he wanted to be sensitive to people in Greater Minnesota, who have a "different attitude." Meanwhile, over in Outer Minnesota, also known as The Dakotas, no mask mandates resulted in the highest infection rate in the nation.
Gazelka has been wrong over and over and over on this and many issues, and it disturbs me that Bakk and Tomassoni are toeing his line. We didn't elect them to be Gazelka's lap dogs.
Fred Schumacher


To the Editor:
What I'm about to tell you is of the utmost importance.
Violence has no place in our politics. Period. I wholly condemned last week's senseless acts of violence, and I strongly reiterate the calls to remain peaceful in the weeks ahead.
Those who partook in the assault on our nation's Capitol and those who continue to threaten violence should be found, held accountable, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Let me be clear: Anyone who has malicious intent is not welcome in Washington, D.C., or in any other State Capitol Building.
The peaceful transition of power is one of our nation's founding principles and is necessary for our country to move forward. Now is the time to come together as one nation, united in the peaceful pursuit of our common democratic purpose.
Our Founding Fathers established a nation of laws, not a nation of anarchy. And, the Republican Party is the Party of individual freedom, liberty, entrepreneurship, innovation, and the American Dream, not the hateful violence we witnessed last week.
God bless you and God bless the United States of America.
Thank you,
Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman
Republican National Committee