Notes from all over

by GDA


By the time you get to read this column, the 2018 primary elections will be over and we may have an idea who will be the favorites in November. You may think you are through with political ads and polls well, forget it. After the primaries, the real politicking or campaigning starts in earnest. If you are getting tired of telephone calls asking how you are voting, you haven't seen anything yet. The trouble with many of those telephone polls is they are so-called "robo" calls. The political party people record the questions and put them into a computer. They then buy a program and the computer dials everyone on the program and asks the questions as to which party you are voting for and what candidate. The big trouble with "robo" calls is you aren't talking to a human so you can't ask questions. Of course, talking to a computer is somewhat the same as talking to the party hacks. They don't listen either.
If you have caller ID, you can check those calls and not answer. You can also have your answering machine answer and ignore them.
Now, the media likes this time of year. All those hundreds and thousands of ad dollars spent means newspapers, television and radio get a nice bump in their advertising dollars. Of course, these same media, especially newspapers, are inundated with press releases from every candidate. They are hoping to get some free ads. They know they won't get a lot of free PR, except some newspapers don't spend a lot of time covering the news, they rely on press releases or the Internet, so these hacks know they get some.
Of course, newspapers will have a lot of candidates stopping by hoping for an interview. That isn't too bad if you are willing to keep up on the candidates and have the gumption and tenacity to seek answers on the tough questions. I have had some interesting interviews in the past.
In next week's paper we will have the results of most of the races. Hopefully, we have the results of the County Commissioner race for District 4.
With all this politicking, chasing women, working for the lobbyists for money and jumping for the party, it is a wonder anything gets done in Washington, D.C., or even St. Paul.
By the way, did you know that Texas, a much larger state with many more people, has a legislature that only meets every two years? In Minnesota, our Legislature meets every year and many times has to go back into special session. Don't complain, you voted for them.
* * * * * *
I am on the road, a lot, covering stories, selling ads and checking on our other papers, so I have certain favorite radio shows. My favorite is the "Garage Logic" show of Patrick Reusse and Joe Soucheray. They give you the insights of sports and don't pull punches. They also give the listeners the common sense news for the state and our government. This show is about Gumption County where Garage Logic is the county seat and is down the road from Diversityville. It is a place where common sense prevails. The two-car garage is revered and cigar smoking is allowed and lawyers aren't. Well, KSTP is taking it off the air after 25 years. It started in 1993. I guess ratings are the reason, but... Hubbard Broadcasting put this on and that bothers me since Stan Hubbard was like a neighbor to many who lived in the St. Croix Valley. Back then he was known for his generosity and funding events that were needed but didn't make money, such as hockey.
I just might sign up for Sirius radio, now.
* * * * * *
By the way, you probably knew of the White Supremacist rally that was held in Washington, D.C. The media has been making this headline news for some time. Well, this racist rally was quite a hit drawing something like 28 people. Looks to me like the national media should have more of an idea of what is truly news and stop giving stupid rallies like this so much press. They help promote racism and that goes for the other rallies for other races.
* * * * * *
The temperatures are high, the weather is great, so go fishing, golfing or just sit out on the deck living the dream.

Now that we have the insane wolf hunting stopped, what about adopting a sane policy regarding the unnecessary bear hunting season?
... And while we're at it we might take notice of the beauty of our woods and lakes and rivers while they're still here, because don't look now, but Mr. Peabody's big trucks are hauling it away, every day.
Speaking of the woods ... the woods are the home of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, all around us. I know it's true and so do many of our friends and neighbors. They are not apes, animals. They are some sort of human, and their home is the woods, the woods we are destroying every day.
Mike Palecek
Saginaw, Minn.