Notes from all over

by GDA


Here is a big warning to the residents of northeastern Minnesota - in fact, for the whole state.
Some strange creatures are going to start appearing in your towns. These creatures walk on two legs, but you won't recognize them unless you read all of the press releases that come from our state capital. Don't be surprised when these strange creatures can actually speak English. Yes, they will even try to touch you, but they will call it shaking your hand. Don't be afraid of these strange creatures or their entourage. To get them to go away, stick some green stuff called money in their outstretched appendages.
Now, I suppose you are wondering what or who they are. Well, ladies and gentlemen, these strange people are the ones who hibernate in the state capital, collecting big paychecks and patting themselves on the back for the work they supposedly do. These people are our state representatives and senators. Yeah, this year we even have some who found their way back to Minnesota from Washington, D.C., to run for the office of U.S. Senator.
Yes, I know that you probably won't recognize them, but they know you. They know that you will probably give them money to get rid of them.
Now, I know some of our residents think this is a time to tell these representatives and senators what we think they should be doing in St. Paul. You can try, but they don't really care. They want money and votes. They have a cushy job, probably the only one they could get, so that is all that is on their little minds.
Give them some credit, they did find their way back to the districts they are supposed to represent.
When this country was formed,we had representatives, senators and Founding Fathers who were concerned about this new country. They didn't do their work for the money, but for the country and the people. They planned to have part-time representatives and senators. They put their lives on the line to meet and start up this great new country. Heck, they actually went back and talked to the people they were to represent. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men
I have noticed that some of our members of Congress are trying to fool us into thinking they are coming back to talk to us. What do they do? Well, they schedule a lot of meetings so they will get the press. The problem is, the elected people don't come around. They have political hacks who represent them supposedly.
Well, come November 4, go to the polls and when it comes time to vote, vote for someone you would actually think of hiring for a job. Ignore the party designation, vote for you not the party.
Now, I will get a lot of letters on this column. These parties, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Green, don't want you to vote for the best person, they want you to vote for the party.
When you vote, try to remember the last time you have seen this candidate, either incumbent or challenger.
Remember, elections have consequences. Look what has happened with the golfer we elected president.
The main thing is, know who you are voting for.
* * * *
Meanwhile, be glad you live up here. Enjoy the fall, it is great.