Notes from all over

by GDA



The impeachment of a president was a very important part of our government, not to be taken lightly. There were two presidents who were impeached by the House of Representatives and both were acquitted by the Senate. President Andrew Johnson, who took over the presidency when Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, was assassinated in 1865, was impeached in 1868. He was impeached due to his vetoing of bills that would protect slaves who had been freed. He was not voted out, though the Republicans held more than enough of the two-thirds votes to remove him from office. Enough senators didn't vote for his removal because they wanted to protect the office of the presidency.
Bill Clinton was the second president to be impeached by the House and this was because of his lying before the nation over his escapades with females in the Oval Office and elsewhere. The Senate didn't vote him out of office, either.
Then we have a power-hungry Democrat-controlled House that was going to do anything to remove Pres. Donald Trump from office. They started their efforts before he even took office, using a fake report that Trump's rival had paid for along with the DNC. This effort lasted almost four years and was shot down by the Republican-controlled Senate when there was found to be no basis. Trump, who underwent more investigations of his administration, private life and businesses, was impeached by the Nancy Pelosi led House over the protests at the Capitol of the mail-in ballots of the election, including counts being done in some states when those watching had left. Trump was already out of office when the impeachment was voted in. The Senate, which had a 50-50 tie in votes, didn't vote him out of the office he had already left, but this did set a precedent for future presidents. It also set a precedent that former presidents could be impeached. Yeah, it sounds kind of crazy, but...
Apparently the DNC wanted to stop Donald Trump from running again. A lot of RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) would also like Trump knocked out of any future runs for the presidency. Trump, who is not a political hack like many in Washington, D.C., and wants to drain the swamp, cut spending and make America great again, has many in Congress worried that he would take away their storied life of ease. He can run in 2024 and with a true 75 million Americans voting for him in the past election, he is a force.
Hopefully, our Congress will get back to actually representing the people of this country and not their political machines. Voters just could remember these campaigns to remove a president who actually did do what he promised and led this country into one of the most fantastic economic times, ever.
Will Biden/Harris do the same? So far they have cost this country 80,000 jobs, given Iran the green light to build nuclear bombs though they haven't sent billions of money to pay for it like Obama did. Trump brought troops home and Biden sent them overseas again.
Trump is disliked by many, but mainly because the main media, which is controlled by a few, has never reported on what he accomplished. This has affected many of the large daily newspapers and even TV stations as they are losing customers.
It does look like both political parties are in a turmoil, though.
The coronavirus has been harsh on this country, especially seeing businesses close up and jobs lost. It seems like many governors were afraid of what the virus would do and just possibly used their new-found dictatorial powers too much. It has been estimated that up to a third of the restaurants and bars that were forced to close, would never reopen and that means a lot of jobs will be lost. This country can be thankful that it had been in the midst of a great economic boom before the virus came from China. With Congress spending money that it didn't have, like crazy, our national debt has hit an all time high. There are many who question whether a lockdown which had never been used before, was worth it. The future will tell us more.
Meanwhile, with the election now history, the country is starting to recover from the virus. It looks like New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo will not come out of this very well. He pushed to have elderly go into care centers, then his administration faked the number of deaths due to that move and now it seems the number killed from the virus is twice what he reported. He could go down in history as the mastermind behind the largest killing of citizens. It will be interesting to see.
The coronavirus (COVID-19) had ruined many Mom and Pop businesses as residents rely on the Internet or big stores. This has hurt manufacturing firms in this country with many citizens buying foreign made items that they think are cheaper. Several years ago, Diane Sawyer did a series where a truck backed up to a house, removed all the foreign made items and then replaced them with furniture, appliances, etc. that were made in the Good Ol' USA. Items made in the USA did cost more, but how much more? Well, her report said that it cost a grand total of $68 more to buy USA made. Of course, the money spent for Made In The USA items stays here, so how much do you save buying items made in some places overseas by slave labor?
I wonder what Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, would say if he was alive and went into one of his stores and found all the foreign made items there. Sam would not allow anything in his stores that wasn't made in the USA.
As I have always said, "Shop Locally," and you will save in the long run. Will we ever learn?
Have a good week. Cold weather doesn't stop us up here. It is just a way of life. In fact, I enjoy the smell of wood burning in stoves and fireplaces. Life goes on.