Notes from all over

by GDA



There is something about the 4th of July Holiday, the Birthday of our Country. For me it just makes me proud to be an American. I am proud of those who started this country and for the most part, gave their lives to be free. I am very proud of a country that has come to the aid of countries in distress all over this globe and really doesn't ask for much in return.
I am very proud of our Armed Forces of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Merchant Marines, and Navy. Until a person has given up several years of their lives to serve this country in faraway places with little pay and for much of that time, being in Harm's Way, you can't imagine how these young men and women feel. For most of them, they come away from their years in the Armed Forces a better man or woman. They find out what the rest of the world is like and how lucky we have it here. I do know that way back during my times in the USAF, I never saw any real racial animosity in the Armed Forces. Yes, there were some very minor things going on, but we all found out we were in it together. The same goes for these United States of America.
So, I was thrilled that on the 4th of July, Pres. Donald Trump brought back a huge celebration at Mount Rushmore where four men who made this country what it is, Presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are honored. This monument is a national treasure.
What did bother me is that a radical racist group wants to take it down. This group doesn't stand for anything real Americans stand for. They just want to trash, trash, trash. They want to erase our history... what fools. We learn from our history, or we better. Yes, some of those men owned slaves, but it was a different time and these men were not for slaves. The trouble is these terrorists who want to tear everything down know nothing of what they are doing. A statue of Abe Lincoln had paint thrown on it. Just think, Abe freed the slaves. Teddy Roosevelt fought for this country. Jefferson was truly a Founding Father who was probably the smartest president ever, and, of course, there was George Washington, the true Father of Our Country. How dare anyone trash them? Of course, these same terrorists are probably the same ones who want to burn our flag.
One thing about this great country that many don't think of is, we let people like that speak up and do idiotic things. They all do know the freedoms that others fought for and gave their lives for, but these zealots never will put their lives on the line for these freedoms.
A huge thanks to our president for what he did on the 4th. Just think, fireworks returned to Mt. Rushmore on the 4th of July, our country's birthday. Fireworks were taken away from Mt. Rushmore 11 years ago by the former president. This year was the first they were returned and all Americans can be proud of that.
This country is surviving another disaster now, the COVID-19 pandemic. Under Trump, industry has returned en masse, something his predecessor said would never happen. Unemployment for minorities is the lowest ever thanks to our president. The pandemic raised the unemployment rate as businesses were shut down by the governors, but with a partial re-opening, the unemployment rate has gone down faster than anyone thought it would be. The stock market is climbing to another high. We have some serums for this coronavirus and it will be beaten. I find it hard to believe that Trump accomplished all this with the media solidly against him, the opposing party doing nothing but trying to get him out of office with a bloodless coup and even an attempted impeachment using fake reports to try and take him out.
This country just seems to handle things like that. Could it be that this world needs a country like the United States of America? Yes, I know other countries try to find fault with us, but what other country has people fighting to get in? You will find people of different color complaining about this country, but those who never get here are the ones who complain. We hear how our education system is so bad, but look at all those from other countries who come here for advanced degrees. Yes, there are many who say our medical profession isn't as good as in other countries, so why do they all flock here for treatment?
Be proud to be an American. Fly OUR Flag proudly. Just think, you could have been born in another country.
The 4th of July is OUR Holiday. Be proud.
Get outside, enjoy this great weather and smile. Have a good week.

In re: article on Pioneer Residents building
Makes sense to get pre-approved before posting notices. Stores, places of business all ask for, "Ask for permission" before a person posts their notice.
To keep residents safe with all that is going on in our nation, cameras are a help to view the happenings for the safety for mankind.
We aren't exempt from destruction that is going on in our nation and especially in Minnesota. Cameras have been installed all over in our nation: schools, stores, on streets, roadways, homes and businesses. All for the safety of mankind. We may not like it, but there are people out there who hate America and have pleasure in destroying, injuring and killing people young and old.
Management is doing the best they can to manage the many residences with their different personalities and concerns.
We are having many negatives via news; fear, anger, finger pointing.
We as mature adults hopefully can bring peace to our inner beings of self and be respectful of others.
We have choices as we are gifted with "free will." Peace and love or anger and upheaval.
Carolyn Hokkanen