Notes from all over

by GDA


I don't know about you readers, but Easter is a special day. It not only signifies the rising of Jesus from the dead, it also seems to mark the start of the spring and summer seasons. It just seems like everything is brighter. The people you meet are happier, cheerier and it seems like the rebirth of the way of life.
Going to the Easter egg hunts and seeing the youngsters all smiling, looking for eggs or getting their baskets has to make you happy. This is the time of year when many families get together for their Easter meal. Seeing old friends dining together has to bring a smile to your face.
This also is close to the end of the high school and college year. The Class of 2019 is busy finishing up tests, making sure they have the credits needed and planning for the future. If you aren't in high spirits this time of year, then go out and walk through our beautiful forests. Enjoy your life up here. You are "living the dream."
* * * * * *
The team of 18 Hillary and DNC so-called attorneys on the Mueller team issued their final report and it contains nothing except exonerating our legally elected president. The attempt by a few to stage a coup and get rid of the man Americans elected, failed. Anyone in the know knew this would happen. Heck, the whole investigation was based on a fake dossier that Hillary and the DNC paid for. The fact that a judge accepted this report in the beginning is crazy. In the real world, any attorney who would try to bring such a lawsuit before a judge would have been thrown out and probably charged.
This report did issue a first, though. It said they had no evidence that Trump did anything wrong, but they think he did. Now, even you die-hard DFLers have to realize that is ridiculous. What is outstanding is that Pres. Trump kept doing his business, has changed trade treaties so they are more fair for our country, has brought back billions of corporate profits that had been held overseas, and has had the unemployment rate lowered to its lowest in who knows when.
There should be an investigation of the spying on Trump's campaign. That is definitely illegal and it looks like Obama started it. They should also have an investigation by independent lawyers and accountants into the Clinton Trust. Just who donated all those billions of dollars and for what? Of course, since Hillary is history, the so-called donations have slacked off dramatically.
We have to hold our leaders to tighter controls than anyone. They have to follow the laws, forget the party. I also think an investigation into the Mueller witch-hunt is needed. That was an attempted coup and we should not stand still for it. Actually, Trump should have fired the whole group and appointed a true independent group. Of course, that isn't what Nancy and Chucky wanted.
We really need elected officials who represent the people who elected them and not their parties. Remember that when you vote next time.
* * * * * *
In the meantime, Lily and I are going out for a couple of long walks. This is the best time of the year up here in God's Country. Have a good week and be happy.