Notes from all over

by GDA


Believe it or not, the Nov. 4 General Election in Minnesota is around 2-1/2 weeks away. You should remember that so you can be sure to vote.
The trouble with off-year elections, the ones where a president isn't being elected, is that voters seem to forget to go out and vote. This is sad for a country that is built on the freedom to vote. We don't have to worry about being killed when we vote as they do in places like Afghanistan, Iraq or other Third World countries. In this country the so-called leaders bend over backwards to make it easy to cast your ballots. Many feel we make it too easy.
Well, we do make it hard for one group of voters to cast a ballot. Our men and women in the armed forces, especially those on remote duty or under fire, have a tough time. It seems like some politicians don't want this valued group of citizens to vote. Yeah, I know they usually vote Republican, but that shouldn't be held against them.
Anyway, the right to vote has cost this country the lives of hundreds of thousands of our men and women in uniform. We should take that right seriously and be sure to exercise our right.
This year we will be voting on a U.S. senator who was voted into office after they found ballots in basements, trucks and who knows where else. That election was a sham. Make this election one where the people actually elect the candidate who receives the most votes and not votes found in basements, etc.
The governorship of Minnesota is up for election, too. Mark Dayton took the last one, thanks to his family's money. Jeff Johnson seems like a very knowledgeable candidate. Many DFLers say they like Dayton because he is "manageable." Sounds like the reason they like Pres. Obama.
Locally there is a tight race for the Minnesota representative from District 3A. Incumbent David Dill, who lives in Koochiching County, is facing challenger Eric Johnson, who also lives in Koochiching County. This race could be a lot closer than many think it would be. Johnson has been knocking on doors all over the district. Dill seems to be running on his record. Johnson is running as a Republican, so that could be tough, but people up here are starting to vote more for the person and less for the party.
Then we have the County Commissioner race. Tommy Rukavina is facing Christina Hujanen and appears to have a strong lead. I have had a lot of good fights and arguments with Tommy, but I do believe that he will be reachable and give this district a commissioner who will be heard from.
I don't endorse anyone, but, and I hate to say this, I will most likely vote for Tommy. He will definitely liven up the commissioners' board meetings.
Now, try to know what the candidates stand for and be sure to go out and vote. We should have a 90 percent turnout, not 20 percent.
Remember, elections have consequences.
* * * *
The Secret Service is in trouble, again. Now they let somebody break into the White House and run around.
They had the scandal in South America with prostitutes and the scandal of people getting to the White House.
The Secret Service used to be an elite force, but now
Well, they have found a way to stop intruders from breaking into the White House. This is a high tech approach. What they did was they installed a lock on the front door. Wow, that is high tech.
* * * *
Have a good week and enjoy the colors.