Notes from all over

by GDA


The U.S. Postal Service should be profitable over the next two weeks. The reason is, the Nov. 4 election is coming up and our politicians or want-a-be politicians are sending out tons of literature telling you why you should vote for them and not vote for their opponent. They will all have tons of reasons why they are the best candidate and what they will do for us if they are elected. You might want to save some of the campaign promises literature and see what these people actually do after being elected.
Actually, for most politicians, after they get elected those promises are history. They then attend their caucuses and do what good party men and women should do: follow what the bosses tell them to do.
It does appear there will be some big changes in Congress. If that happens, will the members actually think about our country and the people over the next two years or will they work more at staying in office?
* * * *
A very important holiday is coming up soon. The holiday will be official on the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th hour. Yes, that is Veterans Day and it is an important one. We thank those who have fought and died for this country over the past 238 years.
Just think of all the wars we have had. We have been told that Republicans start all the wars, but is that true?
Well, World War I - Woodrow Wilson, Democrat, was president. World War II - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Democrat, was president. The Korean War - Harry S. Truman, Democrat, was president. The Vietnam War - John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson, Democrats, were presidents. The Iraq-Kuwait war - George H. Bush, Republican, was president. Then we have the fighting in Afghanistan - George W. Bush, Republican.
Of course, we now have fighting going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, and the president is Democrat Barack Hussein Obama.
The trouble with these wars is few of the presidents have served in the Armed Forces. They don't realize what members of our Armed Forces go through. Too many of our elected officials have never spent time in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard. Those who have served know what I mean.
Anyway, remember on the 11th of November to thank those who are serving or have served. Especially remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.
We owe them so much that we can never repay. Just think what this country would be like or if there would be a country if not for our men and women in uniform.
A big Thank You to all veterans and members of our Armed Forces.
* * * *
Have a great week.