Notes from all over

by GDA


The nation went into a depression last week over another mass shooting of our children in schools. They can do all the research, take polls, make studies, etc. to try and find out why anybody would go into a school to shoot unarmed, little kids, but they will never come up with the answer.
I am disgusted with the hypocritical politicians who jump on the bandwagon asking for the banning of guns. They get a lot of press, but banning guns won't stop the shootings.
Guns don't kill, people do and we have to find a way to identify those evil scum before they start shooting. We have to face it that there are some evil people in this world and no one really knows why they are. Some blame the lack of a family life, lack of parental guidance, being picked on at school, being bullied, etc. None of those reasons are good enough for shooting at innocent children.
As for the banning of guns, you have to read the Second Amendment to our Constitution. "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of the State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be INFRINGED."
There is a reason that amendment came right after the First Amendment guaranteeing the right of free speech. These early Americans could still remember living under a dictatorship monarchy. They knew that if they weren't careful, the same could come to this new country. Having arms could scare off any potential dictatorship. All the Gun Control Advocates don't seem to realize that.
Do you know who would love the banning of guns? The criminals of this country. They would find guns no matter what, but the honest, peaceful citizens wouldn't.
Of course our politicians would love for us to ban guns. They wouldn't have to be afraid of the people.
In the meantime, we the people have to keep our eyes and ears open. When we see or hear something bad, we have to report it and hopefully the authorities will do their jobs. Many school districts are teaching the students how to fight back. They have ways to lock the doors to stop intruders and they are taught to fight back, not just lie there and get shot.
I think that if the media would stop publishing the pictures and names of these people who have no future, that would help.
Now, if we could get the politicians to stop jumping on the bandwagon to get some free press as they shout down guns.
We do have to pray for these youngsters who were cut down in the prime of their life. What a waste.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
My grandson, Isaiah, who is substitute teaching at North Woods, plus doing some paraprofessional work and helping in the weight room, is enjoying the North Country. He is planning on going to veterinary school next year, but for the winter he is with us. He also helps out at Moosebirds. Anyway, Isaiah loves the outdoors and hunting and the other day as he drove along Highway 24, he was surprised to see a pack of around five wolves going down the highway. Heck, I thought they were extinct. He had seen some youngsters playing outdoors and went back to warn them, but they were already inside.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
The Russia probe over the fake dossier that Hillary and the DNC paid for is dying. There have been some charges against some Russians, but Trump has been exonerated. Of course now they are finding ties to Hillary's campaign. She should have left things alone and gone into retirement and $100,000 speeches. Be careful what you ask for.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
The snow came back this week and there are reports of two snowfalls totaling 12-14 inches. The temperatures have gone up, though. Have a good week.

For so long I've been thinking about contacting the media in one form or another to bring attention to something and I'm finally doing it. What better place than the Cook News-Herald.
I recently contacted my representatives to support Tom Rukavina in his effort to divide the county once again. I also included Keith Nelson, County Board chair. My message read: Please support Commissioner Tom Rukavina and State Rep. Jason Metsa's effort to divide St. Louis County - Mark Nohr, Aurora
His email replay follows: Mark, I would be more than happy to discuss this issue at your convenience. I did not support Commissioner Rukavina, nor will I in this quest to destroy this county's fiscal integrity. - Commissioner Nelson
FISCAL INTEGRITY? First off, I see no sign of fiscal responsibility by the county, or the state, how could there be any fiscal integrity?
Most of the St. Louis County taxes from the north go to the south; we already know that. I spoke with Commissioner Rukavina and he told me that his district alone accounts for 25 percent of the county taxes; most go to Duluth, very little stays in his district. The north gets a disproportionate minor amount of support compared with the southeast corner of the county. For me personally, I don't mind that we're left out, we can handle the north woods, but if that's the case, quit taking my money!
The County Board should let the numbers and facts decide, not personal opinions and objectives. Let the people vote.
Although I do believe that we get our share of some of the tax dollars, for example the department of tourism. We pay in, the department of tourism uses the money to lure the weekenders and tourists to the north woods (and they do a good job spending our money); then we pay again, dearly. We pay big taxes, including the weekenders' share of the state general fund, and are restricted to detailed rules on how we can use our property, so the weekenders can come and use and abuse our lakes and north woods.
Remember when you could walk out on the lake in winter and it was so quiet your ears would hurt? Now it's whining snow machines all hours of the day and night. In summer we have outsiders fishing within feet of our shoreline invading our personal family events, and the ATVs go all hours, 24/7 thanks to resorts and businesses that need to bring ever more people to the area. Yet, we're left to pick up the garbage, fix our roads and provide a beautiful place for them to return next weekend. Our tourism tax dollars at work. They claim we need the economic support from the tourists. Ha, most of them bring their own supplies and take all our fish. I've heard this from resort owners who actually sell very little and have seen the coolers full of walleyes headed south. Why should they pay the high prices of the north woods when they can haul it from the big box cheap stores? I don't think we get the economic boost they say we do. But, we keep paying more to get less.
Speaking of the state general tax. How many people know that primary residents don't pay into the state general tax? All those tourists, weekenders, etc. who don't own seasonal property have full use of the once northern wilderness and our waters that we seasonal property owners do have to pay for their portion of the general tax. Is this even legal? We have to pay for something they receive that they don't have to pay anything toward that benefit? I know there are a few other taxes we pay where we receive nothing also.
Enough venting. I just want to see if we can bring the county division issue to attention and begin exposing some of this disproportionate distribution of our county and state taxes.
Thank You,
Mark Nohr, Aurora