Notes from all over

by GDA


Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The final circus debates(?) by the never will be candidates for the Democrats' candidacy to lose to Pres. Donald Trump next year, is over. Talk about zeros. They didn't have a single man or woman up there who looked or acted presidential. They all wanted to spend your money for new programs to buy your votes. Now, that is stupid. Of course, they all say they will pay with their vote buying schemes by taxing the rich and corporations more. That seems to be their answer. Can they really be that stupid?
All of them want to expand Obamacare or some program of their own. They still haven't learned that health care costs have nearly doubled since that fool program came into being. No, the Republicans could have knocked it down, but they are afraid, too. You have to realize that the fools we elect to Congress aren't the smartest people in the world. They are lucky they are in Congress, because few of them could get a real job on their own.
Before Obama took office there were several million citizens without health insurance, but a large number of them could have afforded it, but didn't seem to think they needed it. They were young and healthy. Health care back in 2000 to around 2008 cost a fraction for insurance compared to what we have now. We can't complain; we, the citizens of this great country, voted for fools. By the way, these fools aren't just in Washington, D.C. They are in nearly every state capital around. We tend to elect people who aren't producing, don't have any real jobs, are usually political hacks who have made their way up by knocking on doors.
Have we ever had anyone who wasn't that way? Well, Ronald Reagan was governor of California before becoming our president for two terms. Donald Trump never held office, just created jobs and wealth, and for those who bring up the bankruptcy of a couple golf clubs, they never add that those clubs are now functioning well. Bankruptcy is a tough way to go, but for a company to go down to nothing, filing bankruptcy and keeping some jobs is a big plus. Yeah, I know, Biden or Warren or O'Rourke or even Bernie the Commie don't know that. Of course, have any of them ever had to meet a payroll?
I did turn on the debates for a short while, but picked up a book to read instead. It was turning into a cat fight. Of course, all these candidates are known nationwide, somewhat. That should help them keep their cushy job.
By the way, Congress just came back from another long vacation of many weeks. How many of us get vacations like that?
I have come to realize that if these candidates couldn't use the words "racist, or white supremacists," they wouldn't know how to speak. Yeah, I know, many such as Crazy Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders have a tough time remembering what they said, but they can also bring up these two words. These candidates keep bringing up the border problems with illegal immigrants, though they don't realize Obama had the same problems. He said illegals should be sent home. Under his regime they probably locked up more immigrants, including children, than ever. You can't ask these low level IQs to remember that. They also don't remember that whenever there were any problems involving blacks and whites, they came out with the FBI to prove the whites were at fault instead of actually going in with eyes wide open to find the real culprit. He had to apologize a lot and even invite one of those he initially blasted, in for a beer. Memories are short for some people.
I do question why these so called candidates who come up with plans to cure everything, didn't do it before. They were elected to do so, weren't they?
Now they want to impeach Pres. Trump. Their ridiculous Mueller witch hunt using a fake report as their basis for it, was a complete failure. Now they want to look into Trump's tax returns, including his business ones. Wouldn't Trump's business competitors love to see those returns? This whole mess will find nothing either. Only two presidents have been impeached and they were Democrats. Of course, neither was removed from office.
So, if you would like a change in the presidency, remember the unemployment we had under Obama, the companies closing or moving out. We now have virtual full employment, corporations are moving back in, manufacturing jobs are back even though Obama said they never would be. Think of the malaise under him. Remember, just remember. Those bobbleheads who debated last Thursday don't want you to, though.
In the meantime, we are lucky to live in a country where we can even elect idiots to run it and they can't mess it up, too much.
Where are people like we used to have in government???
Temperatures are rising, so enjoy this great country.