Notes from all over

by GDA


I have always felt that I would love to get into a poker game with our renowned president, Barack Hussein Obama. "The guy doesn't know how to bluff or recognize a bluff and he just doesn't seem too smart.
Now, we have his historic Iran Nuclear Bomb agreement that he is trying to push through. His plan, in poker terms, would have him allowing me to say if my hand was better than his and inspect my own hand. Heck, I would never lose.
Yep, he is going to allow Iran to do their own inspecting of their nuclear facilities and tell us if they have any bomb building going on. Now, I know you have to trust people, but this is ridiculous. He also seems to think we will believe that Iran can't actually build a nuclear bomb for a long time after this so-called agreement is ended, while the real pros know that Iran could have a bomb in less than six months.
Now, can anybody really be that stupid? No on e is that naive or are they?
The big problem is, many in our Congress are going along with him. No, the majority won't, but most Democrats, including our own two stooges, agree with this plan.
The next war will probably be in the Middle East and it could involve nuclear weapons. If it happens, remember who you can thank for it - a guy we voted into office not once, but twice.
Face it, he is not going down in history as one of our brightest leaders or even as a leader. What he is proposing in Iraq is almost criminal.
* * * * * * * * * *
Now, we have to look at the candidates for the presidency next year.
First, we have Hillary, wife of impeached Pres. Bill Clinton. If she ran unopposed, she would find a way to lose. She is running against a nobody for the Democratic nomination and this nobody is going to overtake her in many of the polls. She openly lies about her emails saying there isn't any Top Secret material in them. Since she communicates with her emails and did so as Secretary of State, everyone knows she had Top Secret material coming in, but she thinks we will believe her.
Of course, we believed her when she lost her billing records when she was in a law firm. We believed her when she messed up the Benghazi fiasco where she allowed a U.S. Ambassador to be killed while saying, "What does it matter?" Face it, Hillary has never done anything. She is a complete zero.
Now, we have the Republicans where everyone wants to run as they see a sure shot win next November. With Donald "I am rich, really rich" Trump leading in the polls, we have to wonder why. Well, he is a bore, but he is saying what all the coffee gatherings around this country are saying. He is saying what the people want to hear. Will he outlast the other 17 or so candidates? That is hard to tell.
The Republicans have this race in the bag, but watch out, they will find a way to screw it up. You have to realize, politicians aren't that sharp, nowadays. The trouble is, they seem to be sitting on their brains, too much.
In the meantime, the country just keeps motoring on. Even the worst politician can't seem to screw things up too much.
* * * * * * * * * *
And with that, have a great week. August is almost gone and then the great fall season is upon us. Have a good week.