Notes from all over

by GDA



The date for our presidential election, Nov. 3, is coming up fast. It is next Tuesday and promises to have the largest turnout for a presidential election ever. The Democratic candidate is so weak with no real plans and large questions as to whether he will even make it a year, it is strange to read how this election will be close. Actually, most of the polls have Biden/Harris winning by huge margins. That is kind of like the 2016 election where Hillary was supposed to win big.
That election had Trump winning 304 electoral votes to 227 for Hillary, with seven electoral votes going to others. Trump won 37 states to 13 for Hillary. Hillary only took California, New York, Minnesota, Illinois, Maine, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, New Hampshire and Oregon. She also won Nevada where the vote can be bought. Trump could flip Minnesota and New Hampshire and possibly Nevada to take the electoral vote 369-169. If Pres. Trump wins, watch for the BLM and Antifa to take to the streets burning, rioting, looting and attacking. They just won't be able to admit that Trump won. There will be all sorts of editorials against the electoral college, voting irregularities, etc. It never used to be that way. The losing party conceded and went through an orderly transition. What does that tell you?
As for the polls, they are showing the race much closer, just like they did in 2016. Makes you wonder who is paying them off. One poll from a polling place that seems to be more accurate shows that 56 percent of those polled feel they are better off now than at the end of the Biden/Obama era. That figure should forecast a big win for Trump.
The voters will go to the polls and vote for Trump who has presided over the greatest economy any country has ever had, bringing back billions of dollars from our companies who left this country due to our taxes and rules, saw three peace treaties with Israel signed in the Middle East plus several more, including Saudi Arabia, in the world, our country becoming an energy exporter instead of an importer, manufacturing jobs returned to the U.S.A. and virtually full employment (if you want a job, you can get one). In all my years of listening to candidates for the presidency, Trump is the only one who actually fulfilled his promises.
Then we have Joe Biden who has been in Congress or as vice president for over 40 years. What bills did he get passed? What has he done? He wants to make universal health care to add to Obamacare and says that you won't lose your doctor. Isn't that what Obama said about his bill? Actually, all the Biden/Harris duo have promoted is to put this country into another huge debt like it went through under Obama when the national debt nearly doubled. Yes, the national debt has gone up again, but that is due to the COVID pandemic and the bills to fund this country when the governors have shut down our economy (and blamed it on Trump).
By the way, the World Health Organization, a group that seems to be the mouthpiece for China, has now come out, apparently, saying that the lockdown was probably a mistake and has caused a lot of deaths. The reports of increased suicides and drug overdose deaths showed they have risen to be as many as or more than the deaths from this virus. I said as much a while back, but it took the WHO a while to read this column. The good thing is that Pres. Trump has been pushing the pharmaceutical industry hard to find a cure for this virus. It appears they have several, but the Democrats seem to want this pandemic to shut us down until they get in power. I hope I am wrong about that.
Anyway, the vote is next Tuesday. Many have voted through the mail and it remains to be seen how accurate those votes are and if they are legal. Reports of votes being tossed have already arisen. You can bet that Illinois will go for the left, they know how to do it in Chicago. There are a lot of local elections also, including judges. After seeing how some of the judges up here work, I won't be able to vote for them.
Congratulations to new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Americans should be proud that a lady such as she is now on the Supreme Court. It does upset me that the Senate Democrats have made this so political, including Mean Amy Klobuchar. They will, for the most part, vote against her. It used to be that a president's choice was voted for by the whole Senate. Ruth Bader Ginsburg received something like 97 votes. Makes you wonder how these senators can vote against someone of Barrett's integrity and class plus intelligence. Changes in the Senate have to be made.
Anyway, the presidential race is over next Tuesday. Political ads should disappear. The news may actually be something worth watching, listening to or reading. Of course, if Trump wins, impeachment will take over the House of Representatives unless the Republicans take control. Another witch hunt that just costs taxpayers money.
I bet Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, the Adamses, etc. are really turning over in their graves. They fought so hard for the birth of this great country and then to see some clowns mess it up. We, the voters, have only ourselves to blame.
Pres. Trump and his beautiful and brilliant wife have been sending me emails inviting me to lunch or breakfast. I wonder if that will cease now. Anyway, be happy that you survived another circus called the race for the presidency. Sometimes I wonder if the people actually do pick their president. Have a good week. We have gone through a lot in this country and the people have made it.

To the Editor:
We of the Iron Range want to believe Trump's and Stauber's promise to make the Iron Range great again. We remember when iron ore flowed from the great iron mine pits to Pittsburgh to make the steel for autos, airplanes, and the tanks and warships that dominated the world, when the Iron Range legislators at the Capitol in St. Paul negotiated on an equal basis with the Twin Cities legislators, and when the hockey teams from Hibbing, Virginia, Eveleth, and Grand Rapids routinely won the state hockey tournament.
We now are willing to overlook that President Obama put the first steel anti-dumping tariffs in place in 2016, that despite Trump's claims that his tariffs were the first, mine employment according to the state has dropped during Trump's administration by over 500 jobs to only about 5,000 iron miners, that employment is dropping even as mine production has increased due to automation and other efficiencies, and that the world price of steel has increased not due to any action of Trump but because of a broken dam in Brazil that reduced global steel production capacity.
Walking down the streets in Eveleth, Virginia, Babbitt, and Hibbing shows clearly there is no resurgence of the Range cities' economies. The CARES unemployment act ended months ago, and the Republican Senate won't act until after the election, if then. Has your life improved, are you afraid you will lose pre-existing conditions coverage, are you afraid for your job, have you lost loved ones or friends to coronavirus? Trump doesn't have any pandemic plan, he doesn't even like to talk about having a plan.
Must we bet our future, forever, on the iron ore that is getting more scarce and more expensive to mine? Does Trump have a plan to take us to a brighter future?
Submitted and paid for by:
Keith Steva of Cook


To the Editor:
Trump: golfed more, fired or forced more people to resign that his Senate had approved for him, increased the national debt by $7.5 TRILLION so far (Obama $6 TRILLION first four years), signed more Executive Orders than Obama did in 8 years, reduced the price of corn and soybeans from 2016 prices because of his trade deals, increased the cost of goods by 15 percent to 25 percent by his trade deals, taxes reduced 21 percent to 35 percent for the filthy rich, appointed more judges, has had better unemployment record but it's now worse, Trump has told more untruths and lies, destroyed more relationships with our allies, accused of sexual harassment by 20 or more women, like a sixth-grader makes up and calls people names if he doesn't like them, sued more people, has been sued by more people, broke more laws, violated the Hatch Law, watches more TV, reads fewer Presidential briefings, went bankrupt six times, banned from operating any non-profit organization, broken more promises, no health care plan, Mexico didn't pay for the wall, didn't unite the country, prevented more witnesses from testifying, harasses more people, called veterans suckers and losers, called senior citizens nobodies, says he is above the law ("I can do what I want"), has us paying more for health care (the actual spending for health care for 60 percent of AMERICANS has increased), took health care away from millions of Americans, called the nation's top scientists idiots, more people have died in nine months of COVID-19 than died of the flu in eight years under the Obama administration, more people have died of COVID-19 than have died from the combined wars of the Korean, Vietnam, Iran and Afghanistan, Trump showed empathy with this statement: "IT IS WHAT IT IS," according to Trump the FBI, CIA, and all U. S. National Intelligent Agencies are corrupt, all news is fake except (Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Putin), Trump has said: "You can't believe anything you hear or read." So why do so many people believe him?
Many of the things that have been done under this administration, listed above, are the same things AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENTS have done such as China, Russia, Korea, etc. These are some of the leaders who have done them: Mussolini (World War I), Hitler (World war II), Putin (Russia current leader), Kim Jong-Un North Korea's current leader), Xi Jinping (China's current leader), all of whom the current president has praised one or more times. The moves President Trump and the current administration have taken are slowly moving OUR country toward an AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENT.
Since our country was founded we have had a combination of Democratic and Socialist government which has proven to be the best and fairest system in the world. Why do you think everyone wants to come to America? Because our rights are protected under the Constitution. Not because we have a leader who takes those rights away. Not because the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but because they can work, get ahead and are protected. It's not perfect, but we can make it better. That all depends on how we vote. The choice is yours; do you want to have for yourself, your children and grandchildren to live under a combination government of Democracy and Socialism, which we have had for over 240 years, or an authoritarian government? Please vote for the long term of our country.
Prepared and paid for by:
Clarence Scherer
Egg Harbor, Wis.


To the Editor:
Attention: remnant believers
With all the strange stuff going on in our world today and the subsequent fears and doubts, I thought maybe a word of encouragement and hope, for a change, would be appropriate. For me, at least, I get so tired of getting angry over what some in our government are doing to this nation, and it brought to mind something the Lord had showed me a short time beforehand, and that was: maybe I am still too attached to this world. As born-again believers in Christ we are told in the scriptures that we are "not to become entangled in the affairs of this life, that we may please the one who enlisted us." (2 Tim. 2,4). Now, the one who enlisted us for service is God in Christ Jesus and we are to serve Him above ALL else. At best we are to be ambassadors only during our stay on this planet, and if the things going on down here irritate us, then perhaps we are still too attached. So what do ambassadors do? Well, they represent their true kingdom in the affairs of their assigned country. So let us take some time to remember the fruits of our true home and look forward to returning there when our assignment here is done.
Our kingdom is filled with light and no darkness shall ever enter. Our King is that light and He will shine forevermore on the obedient children at His table. There is no change in leadership or governing principles, no political or racial unrest, for all share in the same fruits throughout eternity. It is a place where there is no more sickness, or pain, or death, or tears, or war, for the Prince of Peace rules the land and He is really good at it. There will be no more fear or crime or evil, because righteousness will reign over all the land and judgment will not be necessary, for those there have already been justified through the blood of our glorious Savior. Everything we will ever need is there already for Jesus said, "In my Father's house are many mansions and I go there to prepare a place for you that where I am you may be also" (Jn 14,2), and when the King Himself prepares a place for you He means that everything is ready. The tree of life in the midst of the kingdom brings forth 12 different fruits that we can eat of and the river of life flows from His very throne, and is available to us at no charge. Then there's the music which is truly heavenly. Millions and millions of voices singing, in harmony, of the greatness of our king and His kingdom and praising our God and deliverer who paid the price to bring us there.
Now, back to us as ambassadors. A kingdom like that, you would think everyone would want to be a citizen, but the truth is, most reject this King and Kingdom in this realm. Our job here is to live and act and speak so that the glories of our true country, as revealed through our testimony, will draw others to our King. To do this diligently, we must put aside any distraction that tries to get us to forget why we are here, and who put us here. We have a beautiful home to return to and this is not it; we just have to remember that what waits for us is beyond description. Our King has promised to never leave us or forsake us even unto the end of the age. Here's the bad news: this age will come to an end and no one can change that, for our God is sovereign and nothing will stand before Him. Immigration to our kingdom is free for whosoever calls on our King for entry but, time is running out, so we should get about our Father's business.


To the Editor:
Regarding the Oct. 22, 2020, issue of "Letters to the Editor" about the "unfairness" of the Electoral College in determining the presidential election in the USA.
The number of electors per state are determined by the total number of representatives that state has in the U.S. Congress and Senate. Contrary to the commenter's assertion, it has nothing to do with registered or actual voters. It has everything to do with the population of legal citizens in that state. This is why the Democrat party is so adamant to give illegal aliens citizen status. If more or fewer citizens of any state voting are a disappointment, the cure is a "get out the vote" campaign ­ not changing the Electoral College.
The fact that the founders at the Constitutional Convention counted black slaves as 3/5 was called the "3/5ths Compromise" and was the continuance of the conflict over the removal 12 years prior of anti-slavery language in the Declaration of Independence. The compromise (which sentenced black humans to 80 more years of slavery in the USA) was deemed necessary to form the fledgling nation which was at great risk of being destroyed through this horrible institution. The northern states did not want slaves to be counted at all, but the slave holding South demanded that slaves be counted as a whole "person" albeit a "person" with no rights. This would have allowed the South to dominate the new Congress as well as presidential elections by giving them more representatives than actual voting able citizens.
Anyone who tells you that slaves should have been counted as a whole person is actually saying that slavery should have continued. Does this political shell game sound a bit familiar to the Democrat strategy today of Supreme Court enlarging, adding more states and allowing non-citizens the right to vote? It has nothing to do with love for their fellow man, but everything to do with the ruthless pursuit of raw power.
The reason for the Electoral College should be apparent to anyone who has been the victim of a mob or a casual reader of the history of the United States of America.
It was to ensure that the people in their quest to "form a more perfect union" would not be ruled over by more populated states, slave holding southerners, big money states with cities like Chicago, LA, New York or even centralized technology companies like we have in the modern era.
The Electoral College can be changed like any other detail in the U.S. Constitution. An amendment must be voted on by Congress in both houses and approved by a 2/3 majority vote or by a Constitutional convention and then on to the state legislatures for voting by an affirmative vote of a 34 majority of the 50 states.
Difficult? Yes - but It was intended to be difficult for good reason. It is the best way for a representative republic to safeguard the people against the tyranny of the majority. Other countries do lots of things we don't do, but that is never a reason to jump off a bridge like everyone else. Liberty, a status of non-tyrannical rule, is rare and deserves to be defended.
Rather than lamenting the Electoral College process and trying to change the rules during the game like 6-year-old boys losing at sandlot baseball, it would be more productive to lobby your U.S. Congressmen or Senators because that will be the only way it will be done constitutionally. Unless of course, anarchy prevails.
Scott Henderly