Notes from all over

by GDA



Well, Pres. Crazy Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala (Finnish for Horrible) Harris, are making a mark on this country and on the world. They have been in office around 100 days and Joe has held one press conference where he read the answers to the questions. Kamala was given a new job, handling the mess at our southern borders. No, she went to California instead.
Biden/Harris wanted to open up the southern border and tear down Trump's wall. This would allow hundreds of thousands of illegals into this country with the hope that they would find a way to vote Democrat. I know they aren't supposed to vote if they aren't citizens, but that seems to be a moot point. The result of them opening our borders is to have more Obama cages packed with youngsters, more gang members from gangs like M13 coming in, more apparent terrorists from countries down south and overseas coming in. Why not, might be the question to ask these illegals. Well, we hand them checks when they get in. California seems to give the most out, but Minnesota isn't far behind. Once these illegals get in, they are put on buses and sent all over our country. This is a horrendous mess.
Biden/Harris did appoint a Border Czar named Roberta Jacobson to handle this mess. She just quit after less than 100 days on the job. You can't blame her.
Now, Pres. Trump had this border problem under control when he made a deal with the president of Mexico to keep the illegals there and have them enter our legal entry ports. Biden/Harris ignored that. By the way, the head of our anti-terrorist group has said he wants to finish Trump's wall.
Meanwhile, Biden/Harris are fighting the coronavirus and it appears Biden is trying to take credit for the new vaccinations. He went on TV saying he has a goal of 1 million vaccinations a day in the next 100 days or 100 million vaccinations. Sounds great, right? Of course, there have been a million vaccinations being given every day so far and the plan is to go to 3 million a day.
Everything about our new president isn't bad, though. He does appear to be the best dressed president in some time. His handlers are doing a great job cleaning him up and dressing him.
Meanwhile, the important news is the ice is out or nearly out on all the lakes. That is something that everyone up here watches intently, every year. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever, but not this year. With the temperatures climbing into the 50s, plus a strong wind and torrential rain, our beloved lakes and rivers are opened up. That means that the opening of Minnesota's walleye fishing season on Saturday, May 15, is on. Water levels are down this year due to the light snowfall we had this past winter, but that just makes the opener more challenging. Get your fishing gear ready.
With the coronavirus so-called pandemic winding down thanks to the new drugs among other things, our country is opening up. Jobs are being filled, though not always. Restaurants and bars are having trouble finding employees. Bartenders and waitresses are apparently making more on unemployment with the extra $600 or whatever added in, than they could make working. That will change when that stimulus product runs out. Of course, then we have to find a way to pay back the $30 trillion in national debt that has occurred for this now Socialist Democrat Country. No, that debt will never be paid back. Our political hack leaders don't want it to be. They will raise taxes, though.
The big important news is that our national sports are opening up for attendance. The bad news for the multi-million dollar players is the huge increases in salary have been cut due to the lack of attendance. It does seem that many sports enthusiasts are cutting back their watching and attendance of games and part of that is still due to some professional ball players kneeling for our National Anthem. There are a lot of veterans out there who aren't thrilled by that seemingly anti-American action. A lot of our young men and women died to give us our freedoms, and we shouldn't abuse them.
Meanwhile, get out the gardening tools, buy the seeds, check the lawn mowers and plan the barbecues. Summer is quickly coming. Have a great week.

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