Notes from all over

by GDA


The big news in this country used to be the economy and the lack of jobs. Well, that problem is definitely on the back burner, ever since Pres. Donald Trump took over. If you want to work now, there is no excuse for not doing so. Of course we still have a lot of people who can work, but would rather be on the government dole (that's called welfare). We do have to take care of our people who are unable to work or take care of themselves, but for those who can work, they should.
The next big news was North Korea and their rockets and nuclear weapons. They pretty much pushed the rest of the world around. Everyone was afraid of them. Their leader seemed to be crazy. We have a president who took the hard line and now that threat seems to be downgraded.
The next big news was the mass shootings in our schools and other places. The politicians in their cozy little parties drink martinis and think they have the answer to that. First, they have to come out with bills on gun control that don't really do a thing about the problem. They do that so they can see their names in the newspapers and on TV. Free press is the goal of these do-nothing so-called representatives of the people. They will sponsor any bill or give any speech, just so they get press that should help them stay elected to their cushy jobs. You have to realize that these so-called repre-sentatives of the people have jobs where they don't have to accomplish a thing. They are told what to vote on by the party machine and if they have a bill to pass, a lobbyist writes it for them. The same lobbyist then gives them money for re-election that they probably don't have to spend. If they all took their jobs seriously, they would really work on the problems facing this country, such as a national debt that will never be paid, borders that are nothing but sieves, and getting control of the bureaucracy we call our government.
We do have a problem and that is the shooting of our youth in schools. Now, that hasn't always been a problem. Looking back at the history of shootings in schools, you will find that it wasn't until the 1980s that these mass shootings really started to erupt with many of our students being killed. Before that if there was a shooting involving a school, it usually only had one or two getting killed or shot. While researching this, many of those shootings were over boyfriend and girlfriend problems with someone being shot because they broke up or they wouldn't date.
Before the '80s, when the Internet came into action, by the way, the biggest problem in schools involving violence was probably a fistfight. Yes, there were some people getting killed or injured when knives were brought into play, especially switchblades, but not guns.
Back then it was not unusual to see the boys actually bringing their .22 rifles to school so they could go hunting afterwards. Nearly everyone I knew who had a gun had been to a gun safety class or had parents or relatives who taught them about safety with guns. There were some who brought their rifles or shotguns to shop class in school to put bluing on the barrels or make a customized stock, etc. It would not surprise me to find that a third to half of the cars in the parking lots at schools had rifles in them. Yet, there were no mass shootings back then.
We do have them now and no one really knows the answer if there is one. Students in several schools are taking the mass shootings as an excuse to leave school and protest, either in their towns or at their legislature. I like seeing the youth getting involved, though I wonder if this is the answer.
Face it, gun control doesn't work. Look at Chicago, which has some of the most stringent gun laws in this country. The killings there are the highest in the country. The same could be said for New York, at least before Mayor Giuliani was in office. Then we have California, which has some very tough gun laws. It seems that many of these mass shootings happen there.
Some day we just might realize that the problem begins at home. If parents knew what their kids were doing and taught them right, some of these shootings just might not happen. The Internet and the media could also be to blame. Face it, a lot of these people who are shooting up their schools or other places are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I know that sounds stupid, but these idiots aren't known for a lot of brain power.
If the kids in schools would report on when they know about someone who might start shooting up the schools, we might save a lot of kids. So many of our problems begin in the homes. A good family structure where the parents are involved in their youngsters' lives could solve a lot of our problems.
In the meantime, we have our politicians who can't seem to wait to get their names in the papers or on TV when the next shooting happens. Heck, they probably will miss their martinis.
For some their biggest goal is to make marijuana/heroin/cocaine legal and we wonder why we have these problems.
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Can you believe that March is half over? This is a great time to be living up north.