Notes from all over

by GDA


There is a saying about people putting their foot in their mouth. This comes from some always speaking up on subjects without knowing what is really going on. For some people, if this was true that they actually put their foot in their mouth, they would need thousands of feet.
The reason this comes up is that our renowned President Barack Hussein Obama doesn't really get too involved in this country, except when he takes time out from the golf course to speak on subjects that he has no idea what is going on or if he does, then he forgets to turn the brain on. He was wrong on the neighborhood shooting, the man who was arrested when the cops thought he was breaking into his house, and many other things. He tends to speak first and then find out what really happened.
The most recent is the Ferguson, Missouri hassle. A policeman shot an unarmed, 292-pound, 6-foot 4-inch black man as the young man came charging at him. He shot six times and the boy was killed.
What has been sparingly reported is that this black, young man had been walking down the middle of the road and was told to get to the side. Before that, he apparently had robbed a convenience store. When Officer Darren Wilson sat in his car, apparently 18-year-old Michael Brown attacked him in the car, rupturing his eye among other things, and then he went away. When Wilson apparently yelled at him to stop, he apparently turned and came back and ignored the officer's commands. Wilson, though injured, shot him, then.
It was a terrible incident, one that everyone wished hadn't happened, but it did.
Now there have been riots in Ferguson, and Obama has sent his Attorney General, Eric Holder, to look at the situation. This is the same Attorney General who refused to take action against a group of Black Panthers who harassed voters in Philadelphia. Our esteemed Attorney General, who apparently looks at the color of the skin of those involved before taking action, came to Ferguson to check it out. Yeah, he held a meeting, but it was closed to outsiders. He was probably just doing what he was told.
The problem appears to be the outside agitators like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson who came to this Missouri town to get free press. They brought their followers with them and the riots began. One night they arrested over 90 agitators who were rioting. Three of that group were from Ferguson. By the way, how do these agitators survive since they apparently aren't working. Who is paying them money so they can have a roof over their heads and food on the table? Think about that.
Think back to before the present administration took office. How many race riots were there? I seem to remember they were going down.
It sure appears to me that we are having more racist problems now than ever before.
Maybe Obama should stay on the golf course and continue to add to his record number of golf outings, more than all the presidents we have had. He sure doesn't seem to really like being our president.
In the meantime, there are terrible problems in Israel, Iraq, Syria, Africa, the Ukraine, China, etc. and we still have over half of this country subsisting, all or in part, on government checks.
You'd think our president would have enough problems to take care of.
* * * *
High school sports are starting now and that means the summer is almost over. Labor Day is this coming weekend. What happened to the summer?
Have a good week.