Notes from all over

by GDA


The 2018 Minnesota Legislature is nearly history and they haven't done much. This is the 90th Minnesota Legislature if you are keeping track. Of course, when they had a governor like Mark Dayton who provides little leadership skills, what do you expect?
One issue is the public works bill. Dayton, of course, says the Legislature's bill is too little. He wants more and is willing to borrow the money to do it. I have to believe that the governor does know those bonds have to be paid back. Where will that money come from in the future? It will come the good ol' way, raise taxes.
A good balanced budget should be able to take care of our infrastructure, schools, medical, whatever. You spend what you have. If you can't afford it, you can't have it.
Now, there are many, especially the spending fools liberals, who say we have to come up with whatever money is needed for infrastructure, schools, health, drugs, etc. Of course, many of those people don't pay much in taxes anyway. They have found a way to have a good life living off the government.
These people in our Legislature, supposedly your neighbors and friends, although you probably never see them, have had nearly five months to work this budget out. Just what in the h... have they been doing? They get paid good for this part-time job. The per diem lets them eat a lot better than we peons out in the boonies. None of them look like they are starving. The trouble is, they just never do the job that they ran for. When questioned, it is always the other party's fault or the governor's. Yeah, we do have a weak-kneed governor who should be in the lead in getting the budget crisis corrected, but what the heck, we voted him in.
These legislators will say they need more taxes, but ask them why Minnesota is one of the top taxing states in this country. We have more different taxes here than darn near any other state. Just think, there are some states where they don't even have a state income tax. Yes, I have heard that their real estate taxes are higher, but that is hard to believe when you look at the real estate taxes in Minnesota. Yes, some of those states have higher sales taxes, but that is hard to believe when you realize that in this state, we pay a sales tax of 6.875 percent. How they came up with that figure is anyone's guess. If you try to figure what the sales tax is on something, you darn near need a computer. How many remember that when they put in the 6 percent sales tax, it was supposed to be temporary? Yeah, right. Of course, many cities have their own sales tax added on, such as Duluth. Just think, if you buy on the Internet, you are probably not charged that, yet. You see, one thing these politicians are good at is finding new ways to tax us. They just never have enough money.
Now, we have an election coming up in November where we, the voters, have a chance to change this. We can vote new people in. Well, don't think that will help, because it seems when these politically naive new politicians get down to the seats of power, they drink the water and soon forget why they are there. Their main goal is to make sure their party stays in power and they get re-elected.
When this country was born and the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written, members of Congress weren't paid. They were too busy building a nation then to worry about that pay or if their party was in power. They should should have thought of that.
Anyway, be prepared for what these airheads do and think of that when you vote, if you do, this coming November. Remember, elections have consequences.
* * * * *
May is almost over, graduation is coming up and a beautiful summer awaits us. Have a great week.