Notes from all over

by GDA



A day that for most of us should be the most important day of the year is coming up this Sunday. It is a day to honor the "Mothers" in this country and they are deserving of it. Yes, I know there is also a Father's Day and, as a father, that is important, but where would we be without the mothers in this country?
The mothers started out by carrying their soon-to-be babies for nine months and then somehow giving birth. They are, for the most part, responsible for raising these babies to childhood, into their teens, after high school and, yes, they are also vital as these young ones grow to be adults. The mothers care for their youngsters around the clock, especially when these young ones get some disease or physical. Yeah, Dad stands behind them and is there to help.
Mothers worry about their youngsters seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Now, my mother is in Heaven and she is most likely busy as can be up there. Mom and Dad came out of The Depression into tough times. They made do and we were never without anything. My mother was an artist with her sewing machine. She earned some money by sewing a lot of clothes for neighbors. She was also a strict disciplinarian and I needed that. I was raised in a neighborhood with two other mothers besides my mother, Thelma. Leonora and Shirley were there watching over the neighborhood kids and they would discipline us if we needed it, and we did.
My mother should have been born 30 years later as she would have made an awesome engineer. She was a wiz with math, never afraid to climb the highest tree, and definitely not afraid of work.
Mom is gone now, but I still think of her every Mother's Day. I can always remember when I completed my tours with the USAF Security Service in England and in the mountains of eastern Turkey. If Mom had known when I would be flying home, she would never have slept, so I lied and surprised her.
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there. You deserve this special day.
The pandemic is winding down rapidly and though the media won't admit it, a large thanks has to go to former Pres. Donald Trump and his plan to get vaccines available. It is great to see things get back to normal or close to it. I have had a busy week writing up results of golf and baseball. Baseball is special since anyone can play it. Losing at baseball isn't that bad since you were able to be out in the open air, throwing the ball, hitting it and catching it with friends. You were having fun.
I remember way back when I was in school. Springtime was upon us when you saw most of the boys walking around with their baseball gloves in their belts. We would always have a game or two going and our fields were nothing like the ones that the teams play on now. Yeah, we had home plate, a pitcher's mound of sorts and three bases, though the bases may have been a piece of wood, a ragged shirt or a few rocks. Nowadays it seems like the games are always played with fresh, clean baseballs. Well, that wasn't the story back then. The covering of our baseballs was usually knocked loose (we were hard hitters), so electrical tape was used. That meant the baseball was black and hard. You had better get a glove on it or else.
While working as the controller for a company called Twin City Monorail, we put up a softball team in Minneapolis. They tried me at right field and then made me catcher. That is a scary position. The only thing that saved me was I could always connect with the pitch and actually batted .750. We won't talk about my fielding prowess. It seems like that was a short time ago, but it wasn't. I still have some great memories of those games, though.
I do miss seeing "pickup" games being played now. If two or three guys got together back then, we would have a game of sorts. Working up to the plate from the outfield was a time honored feat, too.
The good thing is, we are getting back to normal. Of course, Crazy Joe Biden, our apparent president, is taking all the credit or at least he is given a sheet of paper to read saying he is responsible. Who cares, we are getting back to normal and if the political hacks stay out of it, this will happen sooner than the hacks believe.
It is definitely time to get out to the ball field.
Have a great week. Be glad you live up north.

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