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by GDA



Despite a lot of big headlines and doomsday stories, things are slowly getting back to a somewhat normal stage in regards to the COVID-19 Chinese pandemic. There appear to be three serums that could slow down the spread of this pandemic if not stop it, but one political party doesn't want to believe this. They seem happier when there are more cases, more deaths. Of course, they can then blame this on your president. The state's governors appear to have all the power in stopping the spread of this disease. President Trump can come out with headlines, if they are printed, that show we are making headway in finding cures for it, but the states have their own power.
I bring this up because the National Football League, the National Basketball League and even Major League Baseball are all now playing. That sounds good, doesn't it? But wait
These players, who are known for their athleticism, size or height, have now taken up the Black Lives Matter (a group who had been waiting for years to rise up in protest, arson, theft and even killings). The death of a black man in Minneapolis who was in police custody (although the charges he was facing have seemed to disappear) was all they needed to rise up, torch hundreds if not thousands of homes and businesses, run rampant through the downtowns of many of our largest cities stealing, assaulting and daring the police to do anything. The minorities in those cities are showing they don't appreciate the mess that BLM has brought on, either.
Those are the people these multi-millionaire players, or at least some of them, have come out for. No, I haven't read or heard where any of these players were pledging some of the millions and tens of millions they make a year to help the cause of racial problems. BLM apparently didn't see anything wrong with burning down low income housing, stores and businesses owned by minorities, etc.
With the start of the NFL season, many of the players who are living lives that most people only dream of, showed their disrespect for our Flag, a symbol that millions of our young men and women of all races, colors, ethnicity, income levels, etc. have fought for and died for. Then many of the NFL teams who are afraid of BLM have now put a flag this group came up with plus their own so-called anthem in the stadiums.
This could come back to bite the owners and players. I went out to cover a golf tourney Sunday when the Packers and the Vikings played. Usually there would have been crowds of golfers not out playing, sitting in front of the tube cheering it on. I didn't find one who even knew the score. When I asked them, the answer was they weren't going to watch these people who disrespect our Flag.
This could end up causing the loss of money for the teams and that would mean the same for the players. I wonder how many of these players even know what this Marxist BLM is for.
The fact of the matter is, black, yellow, red, white, etc., lives matter. It would seem racist to pick one group out. I seem to remember back in the 1980s or before, racial unrest was seeming to go down. Then politicians got involved and found one word that they could blast their opponent with and not have to prove it. If you disagreed with some of these political hacks, you were racist. Actually, they were the racists.
I don't watch much of the NBA, but they have gone on the political bandwagon praising the Chinese Communists. We should send these NBA teams to China and they could entertain at the something like 13,000 re-education (concentration) camps.
Our professional athletes make millions, so they should stay out of things they don't understand.
At least we have some college ball, but not in the Big Ten.
Before we blame the poor cop on a beat, check and see who makes all the decisions, rules for them. This whole mess started in Minneapolis, a blue city forever with an inept mayor. That city has not done the minorities any good. I worked for a company there that made overhead cranes. The owner before it was purchased by my boss was a big fundraiser for the DFL Party. He was going to build two new manufacturing plants and needed land. Blacks were kicked off their land, so he had the land. I can't remember any African Americans working there, but there were a lot of other ethnic groups. Check on who used to live where the I-94 freeway went through St. Paul and Minneapolis.
To halt racism, we have to know who really is practicing it. You won't find the answer in politics.
Enough of that. The disparity between the so-called races will slowly end, hopefully. We are all God's children and h/she might get ticked off some day, so we had better watch out.
Can you believe we are over halfway through September? It seems like summer just started and now it is fall. Pretty soon we will have to remind our readers of that archaic Daylight Saving Time. Time goes by fast when you are having fun.
So far it seems like our schools are working out fine with students back in the buildings. I do feel sorry for them. They are missing some of the fun we had while growing up in those great days of yesteryears. I really believe that today's youth are more resilient than we were. I hope so.
And that is enough of this. Have a great week. We are still looking for someone to take the editor's job in Tower. We will train someone who has common sense.

Hello Gary,
Disgusting: The fake news media launched a new smear attack against President Trump. They claim ­ falsely ­ that President Trump called America's fallen war heroes "suckers" and "losers." The whole story was based on "anonymous sources," of course.
We saw through this fake news garbage immediately. But what you might not know is that this attack on our president was pre-planned for several months ­ and we can prove it right now.
Check out this report on the illegal collusion between the Democrat Party and the media in creating fake news stories like this out of thin air
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