Notes from all over

by GDA


In banana republic countries there are often military coups that oust the ruling party. Yes, there is bloodshed and the change doesn't usually do much.
Well, in this country we are seeing an attempted coup to get rid of our legally elected president. This is a president we the people voted for and now there are members of Congress who want to take away our votes.
The 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have mounted an attempted coup since before Trump took office. They even have those who blatantly speak of the coup in public. They actually brag about it and the public doesn't seem to take heed of that.
They tried to take Trump down using a fake report that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for. The media made big headlines on that, but when the Mueller Report came out, it was a dud. They had nothing. They went after Trump over a call girl named Stormy Daniels and that died. Of course, when former Pres. Clinton was shown to have raped a girl, had sex in the Oval Office with an intern, had state troopers pimp for him, nothing really came of it. He lied to the American people, was impeached by the House and life went on with no punishment. The media and members of Congress treat this outsider, Pres. Donald Trump, differently. Recently they raised havoc because he was going to host a summit on economics with other countries at one of his resorts at cost. A big hoopla came of that, but then it died. Some of the stories the members of the House brought up are just too ridiculous to tell. They sound more like schoolyard stories. No president has ever come under the assault from the media and the opposite party as Trump has. All their attempts have failed, but while they try to get our president, they are doing zero for the people....
Well, through it all, Donald Trump has persevered and made fun of people like Nancy, Chuckie, Adam, etc. Now these airheads are mad because Trump told the head of Ukraine he wanted to know where the $7 billion that was sent to them in aid, went. Sounds like a good move to me. A large part of our foreign aid seems to disappear. Now, the fact that former V.P Crazy Joe Biden could be implicated over there in an investigation of his son's questionable involvement with Ukraine's oil industry, has the Dems in the House upset. The fact that Crazy Joe has bragged about getting rid of the Ukraine prosecutor doesn't seem to matter. Of course, that is what they are planning to use against Trump. Adam Schiff has held hearings behind closed doors on this. Of course, that is what former Pres. Obama did to get his Obamacare through, hold meetings with only the Democrats allowed, to get his failing bill passed. Schiff has leaked selected part of testimony that he has received to the press, but now the whole clown act goes public. Trump will prevail because there isn't anything against him. He should, as president, keep track of money sent as aid to other countries. Who could argue with that?
So far, Trump is one of the few presidents who has actually accomplished what he promised. Unemployment is virtually non-existent; manufacturing jobs which Obama said would never come back are coming back. The world looks to Trump as the leader of the free world countries. He is cleaning up a lot of the mess in our government, which makes a lot of politicians uneasy. This impeachment joke will die out, too, as there isn't anything there. Actually, Pres. Trump seems to be enjoying it since he does know the truth, not Schiff's snippets of some of the testimony.
In the meantime, we are paying these members of the House over a billion a year and that doesn't include their staffs. They are definitely a "do nothing" House. Now, what bothers me is where this country would be if our members of the U.S. House of Representatives actually concentrated on working for the people and earning their pay. Right now they are living a great life. They don't have to do anything, get a lot of vacations, have great perks and can look forward to a great pension.
The public should take them to task and they have a chance next year as the entire House is up for election. The public has to take charge of their country and Congress or they will pay for it in the long run. This attempted "coup" is failing, of course, since there isn't anything behind it. Those behind it should be held accountable, though. In banana republics, they would be shot, but we won't go that far.
As for Joe Biden, he should be shaking in his shoes because by his own words, he is guilty of what they say Trump is guilty of.
* * * * * * *
Meanwhile, we are welcoming the deer hunters who come north for the 16-day season. Some say there aren't many deer, but I sure have had to brake for a lot of them. Of course, a lot of hunters just want to come up to their rickety hunting shacks and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow hunters. I, for one, hope they are really successful.
* * * * * * *
As a former USAF veteran who served in England and on a mountain next to the Black Sea in eastern Turkey, I want to remind those of you who have friends and relatives serving in one of the 177 countries where we have troops, to send the Christmas presents soon. It takes a lot of time for these packages to leave the ZI (Zone of the Interior) and go through the rigamarole overseas. Our men and women serving outside the ZI really look forward to this contact from home. With Veterans Day being this past Monday, we should be sure to remember them.
In the meantime, have a great week, though the temperatures are much lower than usual. (Global warming, I suppose.)

On Veterans Day, we put aside our differences and unite as one to honor all those who answered the call to fight for freedom. We stand united in respect for the amazing men and women who sacrifice so much to preserve our way of life. For that, there are no words that can express the endless amount of gratitude we have for our veterans, service members, and military families.
My wife, Jodi, is an Iraq War veteran. She was the 148th Fighter Wing's first female Command Chief and retired after almost 20 years of service in 2010. Today and every day, I honor her and all of the brave men and women who have served and who currently serve our great nation. Jodi showed me the true meaning of selfless service and what sacrifice and dedication to our society look like.
My wife is an absolute inspiration for me and so many others. She is one of the biggest reasons why I fight so hard in Washington to be a voice for all veterans and military members. There will never be a gift greater than the one that they have given us. That's why I promise to continue to fight every single day on their behalf.
We owe so much to the brave men and women who have served. I believe that we can never stop fighting to protect them, much like they never stop fighting for all of us so we can make sure our nation's heroes are looked after-always.
So today, join me in thanking and honoring the servicemen and women who make this country what it is by wishing them a Happy Veterans Day.
God Bless, Pete Stauber


Dear Gary and Edna:
On behalf of the Beautification Committee of the City of Cook, we wish to congratulate you on the renovation of your building. It is impressive and you can be proud of the result.
Using the grant available was a brilliant move! We hope that other businesses will follow your lead once they see your completed project. Improving the City's image is one thing the Beautification Committee hopes to accomplish through this grant and your project is the perfect example.
Thank you for all your years of hard work and commitment to the community of Cook!
Sincerely yours,
City of Cook Mayor, Council,
and Staff