Notes from all over

by GDA


It is interesting and fun to read some of the letters to the editor. I sometimes have to wonder what they are reading, because it definitely isn't this paper.
I recently received a letter comment-ing on Muslims and how I apparently have written against them. I do admit that I am not happy when some schools have special rooms for Muslims, but then stop Christians from even praying.
As for me never having met any Muslims, that is ridiculous. Back in my Air Force days when I was serving up in the mountains of eastern Turkey, I had several Muslim friends. The barber, Muhammad, was a good friend. He not only did a great job cutting hair, he was also the one to go to to change our money. He gave a great rate of exchange. This was illegal, but...
A special friend was Sabri, who ran a tailor shop. He took care of us. I bought my wife a black onyx necklace and earrings and when he saw them and what I paid, he took them back, brought me nicer ones and change. I met a lot of Muslims over there. I respected them when they put their prayer rugs down, and they respected us.
Actually, the people who are suffering the most from ISIL terrorists are the Muslims. They are constantly being killed while shopping, by car bombs.
I feel that the Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, etc. have to take charge of their own small enclaves to give them a better life.
I did have a big argument with a Muslim, once. That was in Trafalgar Square in London over politics. Afterwards we went and drank some warm English beer.
Some people read what they want to, not what the printed word says. I do wonder if the letter writer has ever broken bread with a Muslim.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
I remember eight years ago when Barack Hussein Obama was elected president. The word came out loud and clear, "He is your president. Respect the office." Well, those people who said that, at least some of them, don't seem to remember their words. They have to realize that Donald Trump is our new president. He was legally elected and knocked out all the ridiculous challenges put before him.
President-elect Donald Trump isn't even in office and the liberals are screaming. They are upset with his cabinet appointees, his plans, his businesses, etc. Remember how all those women came forth saying he molested them? Well, you would think those same women would be pursuing their charges against a rich man, but they seem to have disappeared.
Now we have complaints that the Russians found emails to help him. First off, if you don't think our government is hacking into Russian emails, you are living in a dream world. You would be surprised if you knew all the spying we do or that other countries do. My question is, if the Russian so-called hackers could find Hillary's emails, why couldn't our government find them? All governments want information about other governments. Yes, they do break the law and I know they do, but that is life.
The fact of the matter is, our new president is Donald Trump. Thanks to Obama's Democrats, Trump's appointees will all take office since instead of needing 60 votes in the Senate, they now only need 51 or a simple majority and the Republicans control the Senate.
Under Obama a lot of things were changed. Heck, Obama even shut down Congress so he could make appoint-ments. Will Trump do the same? He has a precedent.
The stock market has risen, jobs are starting to come back to this country, it seems that confidence in the business community is rising give our new president a chance.
I have a feeling that Donald Trump will go down as one of our greater presidents. He can't do worse than Obama who put this country another $12 trillion in debt. That amounts to $36,000 for every man, woman and child in this country. The number of people actually working took a dive, too.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Have a great week. Think positive and be happy.

God Gary,
You get me rolling. I especially loved the sentence you threw in this week that does not fit into anything you were writing about.
"We haven't had any drive-by shootings up here because the Islamic terrorists can't handle our snow and temps and they wouldn't come up here anyway because most homes have rifles for hunting. The neighbors know everyone, too."
I almost busted a gut over that one. Can I ask you something? Have you ever met a Muslim? I bet the answer is no. They are not the ones who scare me. It's the ultra right who do.
Have a good week, GDA! I look forward to laughing again next week!
Nathan Schrecengost

Mothering, The Greatest Issue Facing America

Every mother must do the work of mothering. Her role is the most vital in our life together. Children depend totally on Mom's love. Their bond with Mom is essential for their health and growth.
As a society we've blundered. Every woman has equal rights with men, but only women with children have the great calling of being loving moms. Today, moms are under incredible stress. Mom cares for each of her children, and they never stop moving, day and night, until grown. Then Mom goes to work, enduring the stress of leaving her little ones in someone else's care. Stress mounts. Many moms keep the house alone, inside and out, providing its needs. How can moms do it? Most moms of the past say, "We got through it and it was great." Today is a different story.
"Hats off" to most fathers for loving their wives so they can do their vital work. They know: "Of course her kids come before you! Her kids come before her!"
We are heading for disaster if Americans continue the present course. If we do, we will only pay more and more taxes to support the criminal justice and social service systems. How about creating a federal "Department of Mothering?"
How about giving every mom a public salary? We seem blind to the necessity of loving children well. We ought to be paying to give moms a time to catch their breath, not taking them from their primary task and having them earn money to care for their children.
What can caring people do? We need to let the role of a mom sink into the public mind and be processed. What do moms need to love well? This vital issue challenges everyone.
Art Dale