Notes from all over

by GDA


A very special holiday is coming this Sunday and you better not forget it. Yes, it is Mother's Day and if anyone should be honored, they should be our mothers.
This special holiday was first observed in 1908 when Anna Jarvis created it. President Woodrow Wilson made it an official holiday in 1914.
Now, we have honored our mothers and the mothers of our children for years. I can remember when I was much, much younger and our family of three girls and two boys had a mother, Thelma, who was the boss in our family. Yes, my dad, Willard, was the backbone, but he left things up to "Thel" and she did her best. My mother was a short woman, but nothing slowed her down. She would climb to the top of the house to do repair work. There wasn't a tree she didn't like to climb. She was also a seamstress for the neighbors and worked in a dry cleaning plant for years. She was always a bundle of energy, but watch out if you crossed her. She had her trusty four-foot ruler and knew how to use it. Yeah, I received my share of whackings from it. The worst thing that could happen is if it broke.
Back then we didn't go out for Mother's Day. Mom, with help from some of the kids, made the meal. We had close neighbors and we spent a lot of time at their homes. The mothers in those two homes, Shirley and Lenore, were just like our mother and they didn't hesitate to discipline us. The neighborhood was one big family or so it seemed.
My mother didn't spend long hours cooking, but she did a darn good job with what she had. I remember her Southern Style chicken that was deep fried. I don't remember if we gave presents, but as my sister said, we were family and for my mother, just having her kids and her husband, our father, Willard, at the table was present enough. Back then, families, it seemed, were closer. You couldn't just hop in the car and take off for a long trip. Using the telephone usually meant a long distance call and no one could afford that.
Mother's Day with my mother or my grandmother Lena was always special. My mother made sure we did our homework and if it wasn't done, watch out. She kept us fed, clothed and my dad kept a roof over our heads. What more could you ask for?
This year, I am taking the mother of my children out to dinner. We will forget about the newspapers and enjoy the countryside. I really enjoy seeing the large family gatherings at the restaurant that we go to. I think we should all remember that the family, mother, dad and siblings, is the most important thing around. Make sure you honor your mother or the mother of your children. They truly deserve it.
* * * * * * * *
Well, it looks like we just might shortly come out with one candidate for the Democratic party and one for the Republican. Of course, that isn't for sure.
I am still receiving tons of jokes about the candidates, with Hillary being the one with the most jokes. I just received one which has Hillary saying, "Virginia is letting 200,000 felons vote for me in November." Then she is asked, "Why would murderers, rapists and thieves vote for you?" Her answer is, "Professional courtesy." Too bad that is true.
* * * * * * * *
I received a note in the email that is also news for many Cook graduates. Back in 1993-94 there was a shy, Japanese, foreign exchange student who was coming to Cook, but the place where he was to stay didn't work out. Edna and I had just purchased a rather large home on Lake Vermilion, so we took him in. His name was Taku Araki and his visit was interesting. He had to translate his homework into Japanese, then translate the answers back into English. He was a superb student who made friends with my kids. My son-in-law Warren Caswell, who is an engineer with 3M, has had to make numerous trips to Japan and Taku and Warren are close friends.
Well, apparently, Taku is coming here to visit on the 28th or 29th of May and will leave on the 30th or 31st. He is married now. I am looking forward to his visit.
* * * * * * * *
Happy Mother's Day and have a great week.