Notes from all over

by GDA



They did it! Yes, the high school classes of 2020 completed the school year and the seniors received their diplomas last Friday during ceremonies that were different from any that any graduating class has ever had. These young adults went through a year they will always remember due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Here they were, going through their final high school year, looking forward to the many graduation events that would soon be upon them and then, BOOM, they were out of school. Everything was cancelled. They had to learn to study on their own, stay at home, miss special events in sports, their prom, etc. They had to wonder if they would finish the year in school or not, how they would get their diplomas or if they would. While this was all going on, they had to plan for life after high school.
Well, this very special class did it. Parents of the graduates came in their vehicles to see their graduates get their diplomas, but it was a joyous occasion. I covered the event in my car and I had to laugh when one graduate, Olivia, gave her speech and said that she never thought when she would graduate that she would be standing on a trailer speaking to a parking lot full of vehicles.
Now they go out into the world and they will make changes. They are much more ready to take on the challenges of the real world than any graduating class, ever. 'Way to go, Class of 2020.
Then we had the bad news of the riots in the Twin Cites, mainly Minneapolis. They made you sad to realize something like those supposed protest riots happened in this beautiful state.
The residents in the Metro have no one to blame but themselves. They continually elect so-called leaders whose, it seems, only prerequisite for the offices is they were good party hacks. Minneapolis is probably one of the "bluest " cities in the country. Following their news in the "Red Star," when they elect a mayor, the person is usually a good party person. When they chose chiefs of police, they had to be the right sex, color and political persuasion. Whatever happened with choosing the best man or woman available? The killing of Floyd has to make you wonder. Why were four officers called to a scene where a possible fake $20 bill was being spent? There is a lot more to it than that.
Just remember, there are a lot of very good police and very good protesters out there. Too bad the bad ones get all the press.
Hopefully, the young adults who are entering the real world will make a difference. They have a big job in front of them.
Good luck to the Class of 2020. You did us proud.

Dear Editor,
I am amazed at the "Feedback" letter to the editor from May 20, 2020, written by Anonymous. Most people who live in HUD public housing are elderly or disabled and have respect for their fellow community members.
Did you, Anonymous, call these Military Veterans babies when they were putting their lives on the line for your freedom? Maybe you did, and you are just that sort of person.
The people you are insulting are elderly, disabled and some are veterans who fought for your rights. They only expect to receive what they pay for in their housing situation. They are living out their remaining years in sub-standard conditions because of an EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR not a LANDLORD. Landlord implies that he owns the building, an executive director of PUBLIC HOUSING is an employee of the City of Cook and works for the people who pay rent.
Your idea of buying their own sanitizer is ludicrous. I personally called each possible business in Cook asking for those supplies and was told they were not available and would not be in the foreseeable future. I personally have purchased these supplies in Virginia and delivered them for the residents. Your remarks smack of a bully's tactics and are shameful.
The residents have tried to approach board members with problems which include leaky roofs which have turned into mold, no heat, threatened eviction, removal of recreation opportunities and have been censored in writing, for doing so. They have spoken for their three minutes at Housing Board meetings with no discussion allowed and no problem resolution.
These residents are going to seek help, unintimidated, in an ever widening circle and their situation will not be swept under the rug or kept hidden.
Thank you, Editor, for this opportunity to inform the residents of Cook, as everyone reads the Cook paper.
Still Concerned