Notes from all over

by GDA


If residents in northeastern Minnesota felt they were an equal part of the state, a recent poll should tell them differently.
The poll shows that 48 percent of those polled over Polymet Mining thought it was more important to protect the environment, while 32 percent were for jobs. This was a statewide poll.
Polls from northeastern Minnesota are completely different. We know how to live with mining. We know that with all the state rules, the environment is taken care of. We also know that if we want jobs, mining is a big producer of them.
Sometimes it seems that many of those from the Metro area just want this area for their own playground. They have a good life in the Twin Cities, good jobs and a nice way of life. They don't seem to care about the people up here.
Now, there are many good people down south. They are friends of this area and, for the most part, want our economy to prosper, including having mining jobs.
The trouble is, these polls don't seem to reach them. You have to realize that polls can be fixed. The questions asked can be slanted one way or the other.
Of course, when it comes to the need for our metals up here, they want them. They want our forestry products, too, but many of these militant environmentalists care only for their individual wants.
The bad part for the people up here is that the people we elect to represent us in Washington, D.C., don't really care about our economy. They just want our votes.
Yeah, they run for office professing their support for our mining industry, but after they get elected they disappear, along with their support for our economy.
Yep, we still keep on voting for them because they have the big "D" after their name.
I read a story how something like 40 percent of the people in this country would support their states seceding from the Union. Sounds far-fetched, doesn't it?
Well, I also heard some of those trying to start mines saying that if the Arrowhead Region left the nation and became an independent country, they would be one of the wealthiest countries on this planet. Heck, did you know that if Polymet is finally approved, there could be four other sites with the same process? There are many other mining ventures planned for this area and with the rules this state has, they shouldn't harm the environment. In fact, when I did a story on Polymet and what would happen after they closed down, the area would be better environmentally than it was before.
Now, I know I will be receiving a ton of letters from people outside the area on this. Heck, if they are so knowledgeable, why don't they come up here to live and try to make a living?
Hopefully, Polymet and other such ventures finally become a fact. They would be good for the area and for the country. We wouldn't have to be importing all of those special metals from other countries..
You know, being self-sufficient and not depending on others isn't all bad. Of course, many of these militant environmentalists like depending on checks from the state and Washington, D.C. Why work and produce, just wait for that free money in the mail?
The big trouble is, true environmentalists are great. They use common sense, but they don't get the press.
Enough of this. It is time to go out and watch high school football or go into the woods hunting for whatever the season is open for.
* * * *
Have a good week in God's Country.