Notes from all over

by GDA


It seems like there is always some event or events, sporting event, celebrations, reunions, etc. to cover if you are a newspaper publisher. I'm not complaining, either, it is a great way of life going to these events.
My favorite event is one that I help sponsor and that is "Take A Vet Fishing" which the Guides League of Lake Vermilion puts on each year. They all give up at least a day of guiding, plus with the help of a lot of donations, they give these treasured veterans of our Armed Forces a great shore lunch put on by Fortune Bay, a day of fishing and some neat prizes. I tell our crew in the office that I am working that day, but I don't think they believe me.
I love meeting these veterans, some of whom are quite old, and their sons, daughters or wives who accompany them. I know I take a lot of pictures, but I don't have to choose the ones to take. When a son, wife or daughter comes up with their veteran parent or spouse and asks for a picture, I am happy to take it. I even get to hear some great stories from these veterans about their tours of duty serving our country. I go out with them, but I let them fish. Yes, I am a veteran and it is hard to find many publishers or reporters nowadays who put time in for their country. I have to admit that my four years in the USAF were ones I will never forget. At times back then it was hard to be away from your family and my fiancée, but the adventures I had were great and the places I served at were unforgettable. Just think of some small town kid from Wisconsin finding himself in the mountains of eastern Turkey. Of course, my experiences don't compare with these veteran men and women.
I can't thank those veterans enough and I definitely can't thank the members of the Guides League enough for giving up one of the few days they get to guide. The volunteer boat drivers are out of this world. They do it for nothing.
This is one of the reasons that I have been looking for stories from vets on their time in the Armed Forces. I don't care what they did, all I know is they were away from home from two to 32 years and that is a hardship. So, if you have a veteran, a relative or friend who you think should have their story in this paper, contact us. There is no charge, but we have to keep remembering our veterans. If you are watching a parade, you can usually tell who are the veterans as they stand up at attention and salute the Flag when the local VFW or American Legion Honor Guard marches by. Hey, it is okay to copy them.
* * * * * *
I can't let a week go by without mentioning the clown squad representing the out of office party in the next election. Crazy Joe Biden has informed us that black kids are poor, one so-called candidate who has never held office wants everyone to get the same pay, another from Texas was quick to try and make political hay out of the mass shooting in his town, Bernie the Commie finally woke up, and there is more. One candidate dropped out, but you never heard his name. Heck, with this bunch of "no names," Hillary could probably be chosen to run again.
All of the 25 or 26 candidates can put on their resumé that they were candidates for the presidency, though.
It does make you wonder why anyone would want to be president. Donald Trump has undergone more scrutiny than all other presidents combined have done. He has been called a name like "racist" by people who really are racists. With his lifestyle, why step down to be president and have a target on your back?
In the meantime, our new governor, Tim Walz, is facing all sorts of trouble, including his DHS (Dept. of Health Services) paying too much to American Indians for their health care. Walz could have stayed a U.S. representative, didn't have to do much and enjoyed the good life at our expense. I wonder if he thinks he should have thought about his move to run for governor a little longer.
* * * * * *
The Twins did it again, they took a huge lead in the standings and then choked. They need a World Series in that billion dollar stadium we, the taxpayers, built for them.
* * * * * *
Have a good week and enjoy northeastern Minnesota.