Notes from all over

by GDA



Congratulations to the Class of 2021. You have made it despite mandates that could have hurt your final year in high school. You have had to wear masks, seen much of your senior year activities limited, lost much of your social life, and had to undergo prohibitions that no senior class has ever had to handle and you did it. The Class of 2021, at least for the St. Louis County School System, survived and will prosper, in spite of and, in part, because of the many hardships you had to overcome.
The world had better be ready for this class, because this class is definitely ready for the world. The graduates will soon be spreading out all over the globe. There are many who are going into the medical field as nurses and doctors. There are definitely some engineers and, as always, several graduates will go on to become teachers. I am glad to hear of some graduates who are entering our Armed Forces. Cheer them on. Of course, there are many who love it up here and will launch their lives after graduation in the local economy as mechanics, loggers, construction workers, and more. For those who want to stay here in this beautiful part of the world, check the want ads in the local newspapers. There are an abundance of good, well-paying jobs available.
We wish them all luck.
* * * * * *
Crazy Joe, our president in name only, has come out with his budget for 2022 and it is a whopper. His budget covers the years from 2022 through 2031. We can only hope he resides in the White House only through 2025. His budget calls for annual deficits (for our members of Congress, that means we are spending way more than we bring in) of $1 trillion a year or over $3,000 for every man, woman and child in this country. In the coming 10 years, the Biden budget would increase spending by $5 trillion and revenues by $3.6 trillion. This is the first presidential budget since Fiscal Year 2009 that does not seek to reduce total deficits or lower the debt-to-Gross Domestic Product rates from a 10-year baseline. This will increase the debt, as a share of the economy, from 110 percent this year, a record high, to 117 percent in 2031.
The printers of our money are guaranteed a job for some time.
* * * * * *
Meanwhile, the 2021 graduates should realize what is facing them as they enter the real world. Back in 1992, our national debt was just over $4 trillion. Under George W. Bush it went over $5 trillion and the opposing party had a fit over that. Under Obama, it more than doubled. Now it is $28,377,726,000. This amounts to $85,169 debt per citizen of this country. The official budget deficit is $3,278,166,470 so far this year.
This overspending of our income is just what they did in Germany after WWI which resulted in the coming to power of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Party. Could that happen here? Looks like we need more accountants in our government and fewer politicians.
* * * * * *
It is interesting to note how many states are relaxing the mask mandates and shutting down of small businesses due to COVID-19. Of course, these governors seem to be threatened by petitions to remove them from office. Now it has been learned that Dr. Fauci, the so-called expert on the pandemic, hasn't been that truthful. The masks that we have all had to wear, don't seem to stop the spread. They have openings of something like three microns, but the COVID-19 disease measures one micron. By the way, apparently 40 percent of CDC employees aren't getting vaccinated. I have been vaccinated, but
I have an idea that the whole restrictions that came out of the pandemic will be investigated and we may be surprised at the results. Some elected officials may find themselves in the unemployment line.
It looks like a lot of people will be going back to work as the federal $300 addition weekly to unemployment will be ending. Many who were unemployed made more sitting at home than working. Now, who paid for them????
* * * * * *
Newsmax TV has a special, Bad Decisions, The Joe Biden Story, and it gives a powerful, balanced look at the checkered record of Crazy Joe. It shows he flip-flopped on the plan for a U.S. surge in Iraq, opposed the operation to kill Osama Bin Laden, approved a border wall long before Pres. Trump ever advocated it, proposed amnesty for illegal immigrants then opposed, plus Obama's Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Joe was "wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue."
Of course, there are also stories coming out about Biden's role in Ukraine, how the Penn Biden Center at the U. of Pennsylvania was backed by Chinese donors, and supported defunding the police by redirecting money to education.
He is our so-called leader, though many feel he is just a "figurehead" who has no real idea of what is going on. When you go to fill your gas tank or heat your home or business, thank Biden and his supporters. He has only been in office less than half a year. What more can he do???
* * * * * *
The temperature up here has been quite high, but we will get used to it. Have a good week.

Letters to the Editor

Attention: remnant believers
In the modern day religious system there seems to be very little in common with what the scriptures actually teach, about what "the church" is supposed to be like. If you don't believe me look it up for yourself. As far as I can tell, the only thing scriptural about it is that it is a place for, those of common understanding, to gather together. Unfortunately, the group down the road a couple of blocks also gather together with their people of common understanding, but they don't believe the same things as the first group and so they don't fellowship with them and divide themselves from them. On and on it goes throughout every town. "So called Christians" all divided by doctrine and personal comfort levels. It seems that bringing glory to their Creator through unity and peace in the Spirit, as the Bible teaches, doesn't even cross their mind. They would rather keep their "Christianity" limited to Sunday and to the "church" of their choice. Moving around until they find a "church" they like. This is what happens when men, without the Spirit of God, decide what they like and what they don't like of scripture and practice accordingly. This is the result of having no fear of God. "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Heb 10; 31.
The point of all this is, Christ Jesus is coming again, maybe sooner than we think, and He is coming for "THE Church," His Bride, and no other. These are those who have repented of their sin, believed in the one true God, have been baptized into Christ, and have received the gift of salvation through the Spirit, given to all who have been redeemed. That is the meaning of salvation. Jesus' work of death and resurrection redeemed us, or paid the price necessary, to restore our fellowship with God through our faith in that work. These are the ones who then study to show themselves approved to God, to find out what His plan for us is, not make up plans that are easier to follow or require little or no personal time with Him. God's judgment will come upon those and their end is not good; eternal suffering and separation from God with no do-overs. To those who, for whatever reason, want to remain in the religion of their choice, I say fear God enough to give Him the respect and honor He deserves from you. Seek Him on a personal level and do not just let some pastor type or other religious leader tell you that you are just fine and that God does not care about sin, or winks an eye at it. He cannot allow any kind of sin in His presence. Don't be deceived, He will judge sin or unbelief and there is no excuse that will change that. He has made only one way of salvation and many will fall short of it in their lack of seeking Him for themselves. Jesus paid a terrible price for this salvation and pretenders who substitute religion for the truth will not be accepted. God will not accept what we deem good enough, so seek Him and follow His way. He denies none, who diligently seek Him.