July 23, 2015


Lake Vermilion Guides League to host 'Take A Vet Fishing' Sept. 3


The Vermilion Guides League group, made up of guides on Lake Vermilion, is proud of our men and women who have served this country in peace and war. To show their appreciation, they are holding the second "Take A Vet Fishing" day. It will be held Sept. 3. The cost for veterans is zero as these guides take time out from one of their summer days of guiding to thank the veterans.
Guides Lonnie Johnson (218-780-3610), Phil Bakken (218-780-3385), Cathy Rouleau (290-4970), Dennis Vandelinde (666-2910) and Doug Knoer (218-780-7089) can be reached for more information or to sign up for this special day.
The day will start out with the Cook VFW Post 1757 Color Guard posting the Colors and Mary Jo Ralston singing the National Anthem.
Veterans will be provided with fishing gear. Boats with guides or boat handlers will take them out on Vermilion for four hours of camaraderie and fishing. Coffee, juice and pastries will be provided before fishing is started.
Veterans should bring rain gear in case it rains. If they need a helper, they should bring one along. There will be door prizes given out along with a free fishing hat.
This event has many very generous donations coming in from places like Northern State Bank, Waschke Auto, Kraus Anderson, and Minnesota Power among others. For those who would like to send donations, they can send them to: Lake Vermilion Guides League, P.O. Box 748, Tower, MN 55790.
The Beefeater Brothers will be providing music free of charge and Paul Pluskwik Photography will be taking pictures.
The Guides should be thanked for this special day of honoring our vets.
The goal is for 65 vets and so far 50 have signed up. This special day is free of charge to the vets. After their four hours of fishing, they will be served a very delicious fish dinner.
Thanks to the vets.


by Robin Fisher

July 15 was the 6th Annual Let's Take A Kid Fishing on Lake Vermilion event. Applications were filled out in May for 100 kids, ages 10-15, to participate in this special day out on the lake. The event is sponsored by the Lake Vermilion Resort Association and the Guides Association.
Many fishing guides and boat operators were needed to take a couple of children in their boat for a good experience on Lake Vermilion. Many other volunteers helped with the raffles, registration, prizes, and fish fry.
Doug Jensen with his intern May Yang from the Sea Grant program had a booth to educate everyone about the invasive species problem. Sea Grant is a joint federal/state funded program to help solve various lake issues. Jensen and Yang had a big collection of specimens so everyone could learn to recognize the species we want to get rid of: Eurasian water milfoil, rusty crayfish, curly pondweed, lamprey eels, Asian carp, spiny waterflea, and others.
At the free breakfast at The Crescent Bar and Grill, each boat captain was given a white Take A Kid Fishing cap to wear along with a "Larry the Cable Guy" hat pin, shaped as a fishhook. Every boat was given a number. Volunteers and kids also got T-shirts and caps. Deb Wiehle, one of the organizers, sprinted around passing out items to all of the volunteers. Mark Hopkins was at the breakfast so folks could meet the new conservation officer for the east half of Lake Vermilion.
"Safety First" was stressed for this event. Every person in the boats was to wear those life jackets!
Gary N-ski of the HOBIE Kayak Fishing Team was there to do spots for his Great Wild Radio Show.
Fortune Bay put on their famous walleye fish-fry in a tent at the Frazer Bay Landing. All of the fishermen and kids came in hungry and enjoyed the food.
WTBX Radio USA 99.9 was at the landing and hosting the raffle announcements. There were many great prizes in a drawing for the kids. Isaac from Duluth won a really big prize: A lifetime Fishing License from the DNR. Other prizes included Replica Mounts for catch-and-release fishing, a pair of Minnesota Twins Tickets, and a half-day guided fishing trip by Casey's Guide Service.
There was also a raffle fund-raiser for the event that had some really big prizes. Most of those prizes were fishing trips, but included a grand prize of $1,000 cash and golfing at the Bay.
The Lake Vermilion fireboat was on hand at Frazer Bay.
Three boats heading for Trout Lake were sent out first, about 11:30 a.m. About an hour later, Boat No. 51 left the dock. In spite of some cold drizzle early in the day, it cleared up to be a gorgeous day on the lake. Each boat went their own way and had a unique experience. The two containers of nightcrawlers they passed out did a great job of attracting those panfish to the hook. The kids and guides all came in smiling.
The next plan is another Take-A-Vet Fishing Day scheduled on Lake Vermilion for Sept. 3. They had nine World War II veterans on the boats last year. They will have the National Anthem and a Color Guard. They need more boat operators and would like to invite boat owners to participate. Please call Ed Tausk or Phil Bakken if you can help.

Greenwood Township Board approves raise for its clerk

by Mary Worringer

On Tuesday, July 14, the Greenwood Township Board of Supervisors held its monthly meeting starting at the usual time and taking care of the routine business of approving minutes of the June 9 Board meeting, as well as the special meeting held on July 2 to address the lawsuit by Jeff Maus and the two lawsuits by Jan Makowski. Treasurer's report, claims to be paid and paying fixed bills and payroll on the first of the following month were also approved, with the exception of Supervisor Bassing objecting to the payment to Reichel Electric in the amount of $90.00 because a resolution was not passed and an affidavit was not signed by Supervisor Reichel the previous month for this payment. The resolution was prepared and ready to be acted upon and the affidavit signed and available, but Supervisor Bassing would not vote for this payment until the August meeting.
Clerk Trancheff reported that in spite of many requests sent out to companies by the Township for quotes to build a tennis court, only one quote was received from Mesabi Bituminous for $55,850. This quote will be withdrawn in 30 days if it is not accepted within that time. One of the other companies responded by saying that its schedule was too full to do the work this summer, so they did not provide a quote. According to Minnesota Statute, two quotes are required. Chairman Reichel will contact the Township Attorney to get advice on how to proceed when only one quote is received and Supervisor Bassing will contact an attorney from the Minnesota Association of Townships ("MAT"). Supervisor Bassing contacted Sport Court North out of Burnsville, MN who advised him that they build tennis courts in our area. Clerk Trancheff was asked to send a spec sheet to them and solicit a quote.
The issue of liability to the Township if alcohol is brought onto the Township property was brought up by Supervisor Bassing. Eric Hedtke of MAT was asked for advice and he recommended placing a sign advising that no alcohol is allowed on the grounds of the Township. Supervisor Bassing proposed a resolution on this matter that will be run by the Township Attorney. Any action has been tabled until input is obtained from legal counsel.
The Township received two quotes for propane. The lowest quote was from COMO at $1.189 per gallon, minimum of 200 gallons per delivery. The board approved a motion to accept this quote.
At the June 9, 2015 Board meeting, the DNR made a presentation to the Board on their proposed plan for Moccasin Point. The plan was not well received by either the Board or the public because the plan includes tearing out the cement pier that is used by the Tower Ambulance and others. People want to keep the pier. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed to draft a resolution to be sent to the people who will have the most decision-making clout on this issue.
Chief Dave Fazio reported that in June there was one drill and one FD business meeting. There were four fire calls and 13 EMS calls, all of which were responded to. Dave praised Jim Martin's 17-year contribution to the Township on the Fire Department. Jim has retired. Chief Fazio also advised that Fortune Bay will be having an outdoor concert in early August and that FB is interested in having Greenwood EMS personnel on site to help with any EMS emergencies. He also advised that the cost per individual for last year's NFPA fire fighting training at the Greenwood Township Hall was $1,250, but that cost was offset $950 to $300 due to grants received, making the total cost to the Township $2,700. There is a possibility that Greenwood will be eligible for additional funding that will offset $1,900 from the $2,700.
Supervisor Baland asked Chief Fazio to talk about the leadership training he has taken through the State Fire Marshal's Office at Camp Ripley over the last year. Dave said it involved four weekends and that Steve Flaherty of the Fire Marshal's office will be giving a presentation to the Board next month. Supervisor Baland asked which of the retired or inactive firefighters have not returned their turnout gear and other equipment. Chief Fazio will follow up with a report at the August Board meeting.
A motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed to accept three new firefighters into the Department: Eric Milbridge, Craig Gilbert and Hunter Gilbert.
Safety Officer Ed Borchardt reported that six months ago Greenwood Fire Department was awarded a grant for the purchase of six new self-contained breathing apparatuses. At the July 7 drill, training was done on this new equipment and the firefighters were fit-tested for the masks.
Planning and Zoning Director, Julia Maki, advised that the Steering Committee will have its next meeting on July 15. She is doing many site inspections and has issued a fair amount of permits.
Chairman Reichel presented to the Board a proposal from Clerk Ellen Trancheff for a salary increase of $1,000 a month. Clerk Trancheff has 33 years of experience and, after calculating the number of hours she has worked from May through December of 2014 (104) and the hours she has worked from January through June, 2015 (99), she is making $11.00 an hour. It was noted that clerks in the surrounding area with less experience make from $21.00 to $25.000 an hour. After a lengthy discussion among the Board members, the Board passed a motion to approve this proposal 3/2.
Supervisor Bassing advised that he attended the Birch Point Interior Association's meeting last Saturday. The Association is asking that some potholes in the road be repaired. Lee Anderson will be providing more information to Supervisor Bassing. Supervisor Bassing also attended a Minnesota Association of Townships' summer course and is now qualified to sit on the Board of Review next May.
Supervisor Baland reminded all in attendance of the spaghetti feed fundraiser that will be held at the Township Hall from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 18. There will be bocce ball and other games as well, if the weather permits.


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