February 20, 2020

Take A Kid Ice Fishing on Lake Vermilion!

by Robin Fisher

This is a great field trip for school kids in northern Minnesota. For many of the fifth-graders from North Woods School, it was the very first time they had tried fishing through a hole in the ice in a heated house. A few kids had grown up ice fishing and they got right down to serious ice angling! Minnows and grubs were both provided as bait.
Over 40 kids with teachers and guides hit the lake on Wednesday, Feb. 12, for a day of learning how to ice fish. Children from Nett Lake had come on Tuesday for the same opportunity.
The experience was hosted by the Lake Vermilion Guides League. These professional fishing guides were happy to share their expertise with the lively group of fifth-graders. Organizers Cliff Wagenbach, Lonnie Johnson and Byron Greenwaldt did a huge amount of work to make this happen.
The ice houses were located right in the mouth of Fortune Bay on Lake Vermilion and the fifth-graders arrived at the Fortune Bay Marina on a school bus. The ice houses came in a variety of sizes and each house had a guide and four to eight kids. They were already warm with fishing holes ready to go. A few kids had their own tackle, but plenty was provided for those who needed it. Of course, a lot of "visiting" went on between houses, especially since the bite was slow. A few perch and tullibees were pulled in.
The children could play outside if they got too hot or cramped in the fishhouses, but the wind was super chilly and nobody stayed out too long.
Lunch was a highlight for everybody. The hosts provided hot dogs, beans, chips, cookies and hot chocolate. Everyone had to take turns going to the cookshack for food!
The girls were relieved to see that two outhouses were available since the event was a half-mile from shore.
This has become another annual event and hopefully will stir up a lot of interest in fishing for the younger generation.
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Greenwood to take applications for position of fire chief


The Greenwood Town Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday of this week to consider and act upon the routine business of the township. The meeting commenced with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States and ended with public comments and an accounting of the correspon-dence received by the township.
In between, the town board completed its business, approving the payment $11,251.20 in monthly bills, ack-nowledging receipts of $5,841.95 and approving the minutes of its January 14 meeting, after clarifying and noting the December 31 effective date of the Fire Chief's resignation.
Town Board Chairman Carmen DeLuca reported that work continued on having the township return to the Minnesota Association of Township's (MATIT) group insurance. The town board will be able to review a new insurance policy, and costs, with a MATIT agent at its April board meeting.
The town board reviewed corre-spondence from its attorney, Mike Courri, outlining his recommended changes which the township could advocate during negotiations on a new contractual agreement with the Tower Ambulance Service. By motion, and unanimous vote the town board decided to forward its attorney recommendations to the Tower city clerk, and area township boards. Supervisor Mike Ralston advocated that the township and ambulance service take the time to solidify a contract which works for all parties and noted that it might be possible to enter into a six-month agreement affording time to negotiate between each local government entity.
The town board approved $1,000 to hire W. A. Fisher, Co., Virginia, to conduct a post card survey of township property owners. A 4-0, 1 abstention vote was recorded with Supervisor Larry Tahija abstaining because a family member works at W. A. Fisher.
The Town board agreed to have its town clerk post a notice seeking applicants to serve as Greenwood Fire Chief. The position is open to township firefighters and the township will accept applications which will be reviewed by the fire department for its members' recommendation, before being approved by the town board.
The town board reviewed the findings and recommendations of the Com-missioner of the Minnesota Department of Administration. The town board voted unanimously to clarify its public records policy to provide access to public documents, and the record of votes taken, during the township's scheduled office hours.
The Town board unanimously voted to ask township voters to consider approval of a 2021 levy of $250,000.
In other action, the Greenwood Township Board of Supervisors:
· Appointed Colleen Lepper to serve as the township Head Election Judge for the upcoming March 10 election
· Appointed Kathy Vogh to serve as an alternate election judge
· Learned, that contrary to a letter published in the Timberjay, the township was Not found to be in violation of open meeting law
· Learned that the Greenwood Fire Department volunteers responded to 3 fires, 14 EMS calls in addition to participating in training drills, a business meeting and three maintenance event sessions
· Learned that new, energy saving, LED lighting was installed throughout the town hall.

Man dies in snowmobile crash near Tower

On Thursday, Feb. 13, about 4:30 p.m., St. Louis County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a snowmobile crash that occurred on the Arrowhead Snowmobile Trail approximately 10 miles southwest of Tower. Daniel James Cottew, 51, of Coon Rapids, was traveling northbound on the trail when he veered off the trail and struck a tree. Despite life-saving efforts at the scene by first responders, Cottew was pronounced dead.
Assisting agencies included: Tower Fire and Ambulance, Vermilion Lake First Responders, U.S. Forest Service, St. Louis County Rescue Squad, and North Memorial Air Care.


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