February 4, 2016


North Woods art students to put on Empty Bowl for the
Food Shelf Fundraiser, this year Miss Minnesota to be present


Rachel Latuff's art students will put on the Empty Bowl Food Shelf Fundraiser again this year. This very popular fundraiser will be held Friday, Feb. 26, from 4:30 to 7 p.m. The bowls that the art students have produced will be on sale, with some of the really special ones going on sale at the silent auction. There will be many kinds of soup for you to eat, also. The soup comes with the purchase of one of these bowls.
There will be a large variety of bowls for sale and a large variety of soups to eat. This is a special event with money raised going to the Cook and Orr Food Shelf.
A special part of this day will be having Miss Minnesota, Rachel Latuff, the Visual Arts Teacher, on hand for picture taking and signing autographs.
Mark this date down.

'Year of No Salaries' begins for Cook City Council

by A.J. Shuster

Cook's City Council began their "year of no salary," in which the council voted no salaries for themselves for 2016, with 2016 public project ideas and legal newspaper bids. At their Jan. 28 meeting, approval was granted for invoices from the River Street Bridge project. Theresa Martinson shared a public works project idea of pavement on the street between Spectrum's Carefree Living and the hospital and on the north side of the road across from the hospital with the inclusion of curbing. Any other ideas must be submitted soon.
The legal newspaper bid was won by the Cook News-Herald. Added to the agenda was a new category which allows for additions or deletions to the agenda before any business before the council is begun.
Taking up a large portion of the meeting was a report by Tammy Palmer on the progress of the Rec. Center. The plumbing should be inspected by the time of this publication. Approval by the inspector will allow for the doors to be open to public use. Two graduation parties and the Heiam Benefit are already reserved on the schedule. The ice rink is already well-used. John Mankus has taken on the maintenance responsibilities while Tom Beaudry and Gary Palmer have turned on/off the rink lights. Three individuals are up for the last interviews for two positions which last until April 1. Coming soon are Wi-Fi, concession booths, tables, and banquet supplies. Upon questioning, Tammy estimated $350,000 in donated funds and $300,000 worth of volunteer hours, and that the building is valued at $600,000.
Minnesota's DNR reported the total of the in-city deer bow hunt came to 28. Mayor and council agree there seem to be fewer around town this year.
Safety training for employees in January covered the AWAIR program (injury/spill reports, etc.). July's training will highlight CPR training, while protecting against falls will be covered in September's training.
The Vermilion Trail Committee held a meeting on Jan. 6. Local resorts had requested to be included, but none showed up then. The committee is still in talking stages on first steps, changes in the Master Plan, seeking of funding, acquisition of land for use, and costs of paving some of the trail, among other items. Part of the discussion covered the fact that Cook is in an extremely swampy area and that this end of the trail might be best done on County 115 heading toward Fortune Bay. Wetland mitigation was dismissed as too expensive. One goal is to have County Commissioner Tom Rukavina attend these sessions to help deal with use of land along county roads, wetland laws, and possible county funds.
In closing comments, praise was given to Don and Buddy on how good the roads are with this year's plowing.

Cook Hospital celebrates 366 days without a fall, with a pizza party

The staff at the Cook Hospital celebrated a milestone on Jan 11, 2016. They had gone 366 days without a fall, so they had a pizza party. Falls are something hospitals work hard to eliminate, though many patients need help when walking. Administrator Teresa Debevec reported this good news to the Cook-Orr Healthcare District board at their regular meeting last Tuesday, Jan. 26, at 6 p.m.
Julie Gerzin, director of nursing for the Care Center, has received notification from the Minnesota Department of Health that they are approved for their CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) course to be held here. Julie and Taby Tapio attended a course to become instructors. The first class will start in mid-February.
Mediation is scheduled for late March for the MNA contract.
The Lake Vermilion Fire Brigade sent a letter to the hospital thanking them for their $1,500 donation for equipment.
The MHA Winter Trustee Conference was attended by more than half of the board members and Administrator Debevec. Wendy Long and Shirley Conaway received their Trustee Certifications.
The Workplace Violence Prevention Plan that was mandated by the 2015 Minnesota Legislature has been completed and training has been scheduled for the staff.
Soil borings for the new construction have been completed and so far they look fine.
For the month of December 2015, the hospital didn't do as well financially as they have been. From operations, they showed a loss of $211,579 compared to a budgeted loss of $124,223. Year-to-date, the operations showed a loss of $535,981 compared to a budgeted loss of $981,089. Non-operating income had a loss of $91,471 against a budgeted loss of $13,224.


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